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Damn did they really need to cuff ole boy?? Don’t cry  Curtis, he will be out by Labor Day!!!

@wikkit This is a picture of last weeks eclipse. Spooky dooky ain’t it?  

Kanye West has the look of “why am I even here?” as he kicks it with the Kardashians. Hey Lamar!! Shouldn’t you be on somebody’s court getting your game back in order.

Funny how looks change over the year. This look from Victoria’s Secret in 1979 probably wouldn’t get a second look in 2012.

Jada Pinkett Smith and daughter Willow get a little shopping out the way.

Charles Barkley gets his inner Jennifer Hudson on for this Weight Watchers pic. Now excuse me while I wash my eyes out with soap!!!

Since Aisha’s first appearance in UML‘s Daily Fresh feature back in December of 2010 was such a big hit, I have no idea why I never followed it up with more. It’s actually one of the most popular posts in UML’s history…digg that?? In honor of Aisha’s strong and consistent support of our cause…we pay our […]

Make a blind Mogul See…

I keep wondering….if this is breakfast, then what the Hell is on the agenda for lunch time?

I wish I could read the signature or knew who the artist is because a piece like this deserves to be credited. Looking at it is like watching a damn good movie with only one frame in the film…Enjoy

Damn Alicia Keys seems to be getting it in with her iPad. “Working on the best song I’ve ever written yet!;-).” That view has to help the writing bug.

  Katy Perry looks like the Little Mermaid in this picture for GHD hair care ad by the famed David LaChapelle.

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