I’ve hustled across this great country of ours and even balled out in a few other countries.  One place I’ve gone to an absurd amount of time is New York (not Manhattan though…yuck).  I love the freedom of style, art and life in general.  One of my favorite spots to visit there was, the “graffiti mecca”, 5 […]

Sure, Tech N9ne’s fan base is a little different from the average rapper.  The guy even wears make up during his performances.  There are a few things that make him better than the average though.  First off, his energy on stage is phenomenal.  At the age of 43 he makes most of our young favorites […]

That came out wrong.  I mean rappers I’ve photographed.  I’ve had the distinct pleasure of photographing some of my favorite performers/rappers over the past few years.  Since no one really cares but me, I thought I’d use the site as a way to force-feed it into your eyeballs.  I’m not the best photographer but I […]

 Adele shows off a little Glam in the March issue..

In a recent interview with Pride magazine, Thandie Newton expressed her anger with how her and other African-American women have been left off the cover.   “Don’t get me started on black people being on the cover on big magazines. It’s so preposterous. I mean, I’ve been on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar four times; […]

Greetings Moguls!! In my absence I failed to keep everyone abreast of one of my favs. I know it says FALL 2011, but you know just like I do that timeless style can transcend a season…enjoy!

Exclusive Official Hood Thought Process while in Progress: “Damn dude! Somebody dinn stole mah bahbecue grill ‘n’ shit…wudafock imma do now? Mah ladee want me to grill deez poke chops & I ain’t got no grill ‘n’ shit….hmmmmm. BINGO! All I gotta do iz take diss here shoppin’ buggy, turn diss mudafocka ova and BAMM!!! […]

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She talks Whiz, Kanye, and drops a few pics for her adoring fans. Enjoy 😉


Style kinda FLY for a Yung’Un 😉


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