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Grammy Award winning artist Cee-Lo Green will be appearing in VH-1’s 85th episode of Storytellers. The show will premiere Friday, May 20th @ 11 P.M. Click the image for a sneak preview…

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While performing down under, Justin Bieber had to dance around a series of tossed eggs from the Australian crowd. Damn they must really not like him to pay for a ticket just to throw eggs.

9 Hours, 18 Minutes, & 22 Seconds straight!  And later….

And the crowd goes wild! SMH…

I have to admit…I wasn’t sure how this was gonna go.  As much as we enjoy a regular dose of Rih-Rih here at UML, we’ve been honest with ourselves when we say that live performance isn’t one of her strong points. Hell, I might venture to say that singing isn’t one of her strong points. […]

Just a few good ones for your morning…

Nelly rides his new single and his broken heart straight to late night TV….

This is one of the best performances I’ve seen from the Brothers Jackson!! Not only are these cats razor-sharp with their moves, but Jermaine and Tito for once gets the chance to display their skills. Classic!

Somebody told me that the whole Smith Clan will be dropping an album!?!  

R. Kelly shows ya’ll why he is the King of R&B!! Mr. Pied Piper. If you are anything like me, you probably missed this performance or the whole show. (They better stop putting these shows on during Sunday Night Football!) But this set is one that shouldn’t be missed. 

Sooo…WillowSmith hits the stage on the Ellen Degeneres show for her first ever performance.  If we ever doubted whether or not the swag was hers or just a borrowed “bag” from her pops…we now know the truth.  Willow, at age 10, put together a sound all around performance.  It was full of personality, eye-catching choreography […]

Imagine sittin at Chuck E Cheese eating your pizza watching this performance!! LOL

Say what you want about Yeezy, but one thing you can’t say is lack of creativity. Kanye showed once again why he should be considered in your top tier of rappers this weekend on Saturday Night Live! Instead of just rapping on the stage by his lonesome, Kanye brought out the ballerinas and performed against […]

Rih-Rih did alright too…I guess…

Big Boi Performs His New Single on David Letterman…”Follow Us”

Lauryn Hill is back…. and gracing the masses with her gift of voice at the “Rock The Bells” in L.A.!  I’m so happy I could kiss a camel! 🙂 Click the image for the story and related videos.. Courtesy of Dime Wars

Lady Gaga’s fame has spawned millions of fans, inspired the strange, and flooded YouTube with covers…some better than the original.  A few months back UML featured Ivanna & Jess’ version of “Bad Romance”…the web is all a frenzy today with this stunning performance of “Paparazzi”… Little Greyson Michael Chance floored his classmates at his school’s […]

Rih shows American Idol just why she is a Rockstar.

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