Rap legend Scarface takes the stage with Living Colour, so you know magic was created.

Miguel brings his Adorn song across the pond to London for his British debut. Damn this song sure has legs doesn’t it?

What is y’all feelings on her new album?

Al Green knew how to get in a zone and perform live. In this 1978 clip, Al gets out while singing Belle.

Out of all of the performances during the 2012 BET Awards, D’Angelo’s would have to be at the top of the short list. In a time when we are bombarded by 80’s pop/dance music it is refreshing to hear real instruments for a change.

Did you ever want to check out  a classic concert on your iPad? I’m sure you have. Well don’t you worry that Fresh little Mogul head of your any longer. Check out the Quello app. The app streams concert from some of music’s biggest names straight to your iOS. For $4.99 you can have unlimited […]

Imagine how raw this would have felt to be in the audience at Coachella when all of a sudden Tupac appears on the stage! Classic! This video damn near got a Mogul tearing up looking like why. All I have to say is God bless the dead.

Damn Lennon fans are very sensitive when it comes to their idol. LAst night during the New Years celebrations Cee-Lo did his rendition of the classic John Lennon song Imagine. And he took his creative license to rework a lyric and he fooled around and pissed off the masses. Charged with singing Lennon’s famous solo-era […]

Just in case a young person forgot what it was like to see the King of Pop perform. Here we get vintage Michael Jackson as he runs through a medley of his greatest hits. The performance runs a little over 10 minutes and it comes equipped with one wardrobe change.

While Jay-Z is promoting Watch The Throne here stateside, Kanye West is rocking on stage with Purple Royalty. Prince let Kanye West join him on stage this past weekend in Sweden. It seems like if you are famous and at a Prince concert, he will let you rock with him for a hot second.

Q-Tip brought out Kanye West to perform Award Tour with him at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival.

I am a little disappointed that I missed the Essence Festival this year, especially with my boys New Edition performing. There are few things I am serious about, and NE is one of them. Hopefully someone somewhere will upload the whole show for us unfortunate souls who missed out.

We say yes!!! We are long time Kelly Rowland supporters in these parts.

Damn it has been 15 years since we first put Reasonable Doubt in the cd deck. Who would have predicted that Jay-Z would become a rock star?

While we were watching the Finals, MTV was showing Lil Wayne doing his one, two thing Unplugged style. If you want to get your catch up on check out the video here, courtesy of Mr. World Premiere.  

Beyonce Knowles hit the stage and tears it down!! B performs her new single “Run the World (Girls)” during the 2011 Billboard Awards. We hope all you singers got your little paper, because it looks like Beyonce is back!!!

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