The scene was thick… nothing but ladies, beer, bbq, music, smokes, and Iceberg punch. We decided to throw this party at the crib as usual, but this time we wanted it to be bigger than ever before. We wanted to leave our stamp on Grambling State University. IceBerg wasn’t as big as your regular fraternity, […]

Damnit there is a God!!!! Yep and every year around this time He/She smiles upon us common folks in the United States and blesses us with FOOTBALL!!!! Damn it feels good. It reminds me of playing football in the streets with my friends during those cool fall days after school. When we would play from […]

I love loud music like anyone else Moguls. Well I think I just lied a little. Let me clarify my statement. I love loud music in doses. But not that REAL loud music. Not the loud music that will have your ears ringing the next day. Not that loud music where you have to yell […]

I couldn’t make this up if I tried for 30 minutes. A pool party turned into a chemistry experiment gone wrong in Mexico when organizers poured liquid nitrogen into the pool, creating a noxious fog that put one man in a coma and sickened eight others. The nitrogen formed a thick cloud over the pool […]

So you have the music, the friends, the crib, and now all you need to do is throw the greatest BBQ ever! The type that will have your friends telling their grandkids about. I have thrown my fair share of shin-digs in my day, enough to shut down a small town. Word to GSU!!!! But […]

1. Never go for a tray that is not in your zone. 2. Don’t chase a tray around the room. 3. Ladies first. 4. Never take more than one from the same tray. 5. Never take the last on the tray. 6. Never put anything back on the tray. 7. If you don’t know what […]

How’s this for a little Black History…

New watch alert – Hublot!! Dr Dre gives Rick Ross an expensive Hublot for his Born Day. Damn it must feel good to have friends with millions in they pocket.

Common drops a few bars for the party goers at Dwyane Wade’s 30th Born Day Party.

  I am willing to bet that it is days like this that Ice-T and Coco live for!!!

Ahh I remember party nights. In July of 1971, a 31-year-old John Lennon celebrated the conclusion of the Imagine album recording sessions with a party like no other, held at Allen Klein’s home in Riverdale. The below footage, mostly taken by friend Jonas Mekas (and included in his 1996 film Happy Birthday To John) shows […]

  Ashanti celebrated her Born Day and looks like Maxwell came thru to partake in the cake and ice-cream.

How many legends can you spot in this picture? Nas recently celebrated his Born Day, and all of the Kings came out to parlay with him. From AZ to Jay-Z, cats had a good time.

I know it is tempting, but never select “shuffle” at the party because you were too lazy to create a playlist before hand. Imagine a house full of beautiful people and after the Jay-Z song comes the one Neil Diamond song you have on your iPod. Dooohhh! Not a good look. Moguls create, we don’t […]

Last Sunday Jay-Z shut down LIV, looks like it was one for the books!!

Your home should first cater to you…then to those you wish to share it with. Whether your single and entertain friends, or you have a family at home, a backyard like this has nothing but positives; and can be duplicated for less than you think. Enjoy The Mogul Life!

Perfect for the backyard bbq.  Block Rocker  $179

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