I told you before….these cats are gonna be a staple around here. If you haven’t seen what their cooking up over at PL…then, as the old heads told me… you’re slackin’ on your pimpin’! Just a few flicks and a short vid…check the link if you want more…  

A pair of sturdy, but stylish Dunhill boots following the “Military’ trend of the 2010 Fall/Winter season.  Note the zip/lace up closure.  Everything a Mogul needs to “stomp the Urban Jungle“: A Do-Eerything mole-skin colored two piece ensemble from Prada…the three button jacket, versatile styling, and all purpose color puts this right up I.B.‘s alley:

Summer is for all things that flow…sun dresses, smooth music, chilled drinks, iced tea…and Linen.  Any Mogul that wants to be taken seriously should have a linen corner in his/her closet.  You don’t have to have a lot, but what you have should be extremely functional and always be “ready to wear” . In my […]

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