Olivia Munn

  Olivia Munn takes her Fresh over to Popular Mechanics February issue. Munn who will star with Johnny Depp “Mortdecai” talks about the movie, her family, and her love for mechanics. POPULAR MECHANICS: This is a weird-looking movie. OLIVIA MUNN: It’s a comedy heist movie. Johnny Depp, who plays Charles Mortdecai, is a British man […]

One of the highlights from last night besides the awesome Game 6, was this video played on Jimmy Kimmel. Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, Miley Cyrus, Matt Damon, Olivia Munn, and Gabourey Sidibe would all  like to Channing All Over Your Tatum.

  You know that lady. The one who makes you stop in your tracks when you see her on tv. Or when you hear her voice you make sure you to catch the visuals. If you are surfing the net, when a post concerning her passes you, you grab it, look at the picture, read […]

I was never one who was into the circus, and now that Olivia Munn is telling me I may never show up to another big tent again! Let the elephants roam freely!!!

Olivia Munn on the cover of Yellow Magazine.

    Any techie-nerd who watches a little TV in their spare time knows exactly who Olivia Munn is! In fact she is the nerd’s dream girl, someone who they can spend their evenings with on G4’s Attack of the Show.  She may not be the be all end all, but at 7 pm est I […]

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