Haize has 2 special guests to start the podcast followed by his thoughts on the NBA playoffs and the draft prospects of The Chicago Bulls. The show ends with some conversation on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in both TV and Film. Oh and Poindexter gets a special shoutout from Haize. 5:15 Special […]

This week we talk about: Obama’s jury duty Papa johns acting like they the in n out of pizza Tom Brady and his fountain of youth Coochie smellin like pepe lepewwwwwww Herpes after sephora lipstick sample Fetty wap out here defying the law Le’angelo Ball Hemmed up in China __________________________________ BuffetboysPodcast.tk Follow us on social […]

In this episode the Buffet boys talk about Robot BJ machines, if the McDonalds worker get those fat stacks for helping catch the Fb coward killer, Obama back like Jordan wearin the 45, Teachers in CA are getting brollick, and Ebro vs Troy ave. All that and more on this episode of the Buffet Boys […]

  This segments the Mogul, discuss MLK, Obama’s final State of The Union address, Roc-a -Fella and many other topics

Some issues you may have missed…    

  Hey…that ain’t Barack!! And he looks old as hell to be attending anybody’s prom!

There’s been plenty of coverage about the new health care plan President Obama and the Democrats pushed through recently. From the conversations I’m hearing….most people have no idea what exactly will change in coming years, and even fewer understand the full scope of the plan and its far-reaching effects. Whether you just want to understand […]

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