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  Air Jordan, Air Jordan, Air Jordan. In celebration of it’s 25th anniversary, Brand Jordan will release the Air Jordan 1 in an all silver colorway. To complete the silver theme, the shoes will come in a silver breifcase similar to the case that came with the Air Jordan XVII’s. The shoes will be available […]

So our friend Lupe isn’t delivering on his word to give us a new mix-tape for Christmas morning. But somewhere along the way he found time to do this commercial for Nike!! Bah-humbug! More commercials after the break….

We get a new episode of the MVPuppets, this time it deals with the case of the missing LeBron VII. Lil Dez makes a quick cameo, and a few new characters are thrown in the mix.

While you sip your eggnog, what better way to chill but with a fresh pair of Nikes? For the Christmas season, Nike is releasing it’s Air Force 1 in a premium all-red edition.The good thing about it is you may be able to get away with rocking these on your special little Valentine’s Date. (Hypebeast)

Yeah I agree the promotion last season was on over-drive! And it even caused a few basketball players and fans to get their drawers in a bunch. With that being said I welcome back a new season of MVPuppet commercials from Nike Basketball. Hey we might even get a Lil Dez cameo this season! I […]

December 2009

  There is no way that a son of the GOAT would put a pair of funky adidas on his feet! Nope it just won’t happen! Marcus Jordan who plays for the University of Central Florida Golden Knights, will not have to put on a pair of adidas when he suits up for game time. In […]



Ain’t nothing better than a crisp pair of Air Force 1’s. DJ Clark Kent & Nike has teamed up for another Air Force classic. These premium kicks are perfect for fall and come in brown, tan, and black. They are available at Kix-Files and will set you back $155. More pics after the jump.

Jordan decided to deicate a shoe to the man who inspired him to do his thang! The Leroy Smith’s are $135 and are available now at I don’t know about you but I thank God for putting Mr. Leroy Smith in Michael Jordan’s life. If it wasn’t for him, who knows where basketball would […]

Now don’t get me wrong Moguls, we love J-Bones over this way. I was one of the first to lamp across town in the shoe if I do say so myself. Been buying ’em since these dudes were eying ’em. But something happened after the XXIII’s. The magic seems to be running low. Maybe if […]

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