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*Sorry Viking fans no offense, but I am what you call a Packer Backer. Sometimes my biasness shines through. So no hard feelings. Anyways the Patriots decided that it was best to say goodbye to yesterday while the goodbye’in was still good. After a lackluster start to the season, and wanting a new contract the […]

Raise your hand if you’re surprised by this. Today Michael Vick assumed his starting role until further notice placing Kevin Kolb with the clipboard. After Vick’s 6 quarter performance over the last two games, can you blame coach Reid? It is all about winning and it seems like Vick is right where he left off. […]

I don’t understand this rule. If you catch a ball, get both feet down and fall all inside the endzone, you now have to come up with the ball also? Alright NFL, what other rules do you have up your sleeve to ruin games? Someone owes Calvin Johnson and the Detroit Lions an apology!

At some point I think he should have zipped up or at least wrapped up. If you have more kids than you can remember you need to go sit down somewhere and study up! He has 7 children, in 5 states by 6 women. Wow, and many of them are three. I guess 2007 was […]

A new line of NFL themed purses and handbags should give the “Sports Minded She-Mogul” something to cheer about!  If nothing else, you’ll score major points with the He-Mogul in your life rockin’ one of these on football Sunday 😉 Pick one from your favorite team…or his.

According to reports San Francisco 49ers running back Glen Coffee is retiring after one NFL season. The 23 year old rushed for 226 yards on 83 carries last season with one touchdown. admitting that is was a very tough decision, he says his mind is made up, in a statement he released to the press: “It […]

As a part of the draft process, athletes are often asked very personal questions.  Presumably these questions are aimed at assessing character and understanding everything a team is getting when they draft a player.  I can understand this, to some extent, in light of some of the personal issues that have plagued some professional athletes. […]

The league on Tuesday changed its overtime rules for postseason games. Starting next season, if a team wins the coin toss and then kicks a field goal, the other team gets the ball. If that next series ends with another field goal, play will continue under the current sudden-death rules. If the team winning the […]

Come to an end……or so it seems. 3 legends will move on to new teams….maybe even new stages of life. Ladanian Tomlinson, Brian Westbrook, and Allen Iverson will all be leaving franchises they helped to define. What will the future hold?

By Doug Farrar You’ve probably seen Prince Rogers Nelson, His Royal Purpleness, in a luxury box watching the Minnesota Vikings at Mall of America Field this season, especially since FOX enjoys crowd cuts at the expense of in-game replay as a general rule. And this compatibility isn’t just about the common themes of the Twin […]

(CNN) — Cincinnati Bengals football player Chris Henry has died, police in Charlotte, North Carolina, confirmed Thursday. Henry suffered “life-threatening injuries” after falling out of the bed of a pickup during a fight with his fiancee, police said earlier. The incident occurred shortly before noon Wednesday when Henry’s fiancee tried to drive off during a […]

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