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It’s the return of the Smack!! Belafonte James returns to the Lounge right in the nick of time to help the crew discuss Lil Wayne and his impact on hip hop? Can he considered a top ten artist of all time? The crew also talked about Bell Biv Devoe and if we need another New […]

This segment we talk the about the aftermath of the New Edition movie, TIDAL making moves and what exactly did the President just do.

Well, the moment that 80s kids everywhere has been waiting on finally arrived last night; The New Edition Story premiered on BET. Now I must admit as much as I love NE and all that they stand for, I was understandably nervous for this made for tv movie. The number 1 reason is because as […]

Ladies and Gentlemen The Mogul Lounge is back!! This week Salaam Garvey, Isaac Phrase, Poindexter, and El Fatiah discuss New Edition and their place among great r&b groups. Are they the greatest group since The Jacksons? They also take a look at the groups of the 90s and how do they stack up compared to […]

In the era of biopics there is one act that has been missing; New Edition. Hopefully this will change in the near future. Bobby Huntley a film maker from Atlanta has taken the time to produce this trailer in hopes of getting enough buzz to create an actual movie. This is one biopic I would […]

  25 years ago on June 20th, New Edition and Bobby Brown both released albums that helped shape the next 5 years in music, and arguably the next 20 or so years. In fact these two albums are the plates that music acts still eat off of. Ask Usher, Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, Jodeci, […]

Damn Beyonce must have recorded a video for every song on 4. The latest sneak peek we have is for the song Love On Top. And if you know anything about 80’s music videos, you should know that she is paying a little homage to New Edition’s video If It Isn’t Love.

I am a little disappointed that I missed the Essence Festival this year, especially with my boys New Edition performing. There are few things I am serious about, and NE is one of them. Hopefully someone somewhere will upload the whole show for us unfortunate souls who missed out.

The whispers in the crowd are saying that Outkast will finally drop another album by early 2012. Now I am not the one to get my hopes up just to get my high blown. First of all we know that even if they drop another album we won’t be seeing it early 2012. I would […]

For the first time since heck was a pup all the members of New Edition is hitting the stage. That’s right Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike, Ralph, and Johnny too will Cool It Now down at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans. Hopefully they can spin this into an album. And with the way […]


  Word on the curb is that a New Edition reunion including Bobby Brown is in the works!!

As a youngster…this was the song that convinced me that I was In Love with my High School girlfriend…

I’m Still In Love With You Bobby Brown – My Prerogative Re-Write the Memories

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