Well, some of you may know this by now if you follow us on Instagram or are connected with us on Facebook. But if you ain’t in the know let me fill you in….. UML is taking its network to the radio baby!! That’s right will feature the Mogul Squared Network daily on […]

I love Facebook, after all these years I still have love for you Facebook. If used correctly, Facebook is like customizable white pages that give updates. But if it is abused, Facebook can be one major high blower; DAILY! We all have those friends, family members, associates, third grade teachers, or  whathaveyou that always seem […]

Bounce TV is coming September 26th to a local channel near you. What is so good about Bounce TV you ask? Well it is the first over-the-air Black network. We have other channels catered to African-Americans, but none of them are free. And for the love of JJ Evans, I hope this network is the […]

[megavideo OTM68WFB] I almost missed this last night. Thankfully as I sat down in front of the computer yesterday I put the remote on cruise and happened to run up on this. It was funny. I can see Affion doing this for a season or two. If you missed the debut episode last night, here […]

One thing is for certain, Tyler Perry has some hustle to him. No matter what you may think about his material. The latest power move (rumor) is that the media mogul plans on following in Oprah’s footsteps and starting a cable network. Perry is supposedly working with Lionsgate to form the channel. Details are still […]

Yep, it is almost that time for the next season. Check out HBO on September 25th as the gang returns for season 2.

Remember when MTV used to play videos? Yeah I will wait….. it has been a minute. But trust me, MTV once played videos. And they were pretty good at it. Because of MTV I was introduced to Culture Club, Wham, and every other white band from the early 80’s. It was because of MTV that […]

‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’: Oprah Evening Show Coming To OWN Huffington Post |  Danny Shea Oprah is set to announce plans for an evening show on her new Oprah Winfrey Network, the Wall Street Journal’s Sam Schechner reported. The announcement, expected Thursday, will answer the lingering, overarching questions about the network, most recently raised by New York […]

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – Almost two decades after his breakout stint on “In Living Color,” Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is back at Fox with another sketch-comedy show. The network has ordered a pilot for an untitled project executive produced by Foxx and two of his fellow “Color” writers, “MadTV” creators Fax Bahr and Adam […]

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