NBA Finals

After 5 games in the NBA Finals, a couple of things stand out for me. A) LeBron is a cold muthafucka. B) LeBron and all of his coldness can’t do shit with the Warriors if they are on. And that is no slap against LeBron, once Love went down and the young Kyrie popped a knee-cap […]

Last night I turned on ABC and to my amazement the Finals were on!! LeBron was running down the lane like a blindfolded bowling ball knocking over anyone in sight. Chef Curry was cooking as per usual. And Dellavedova was taking someone’s knees out once again. Sounds about right don’t it? Except that didn’t happen. My […]

Upon first glance I could have sworn that Shaq was in this ad with his boo Hoopz! I mean we have seen a lot of them lately. But this go round, Shaquille O’Neal brought out his mother Lucille. I guess Shaq-Fu will be doing a lot of these ads since he will have more time […]

So it looks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a thing or few to say about the biggest news Scottie Pippen been in since he tossed a chair on the court back in 95! Yeah it has been that long! So it leads me to think what motives did Pip really have behind those comments? Maybe Holmes […]

So here we go, the end of another NBA season is quickly approaching. That means that it is time to anoint another champion, and in this case the winner seems to really take it all. Boston vs. LA, Lakers vs. Celtics, Kobe and Friends vs. Rondo & The Big Three, Doc vs. Phil. Can it […]

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