I can recall vividly the first mp3s I downloaded from Napster back in the day, it was 20 Bag Shorty and Izzo by Jay-Z. I remember how proud I felt when I transferred the songs onto a cd and rolled around town bumping it like I had that new-new. My friends would hop in the […]

Damn Fam… today is the day I knew would happen at some point. In the midst of all of the Apple iPhone 6 and io8 talk, Apple did the slick move and removed the iPod Classic from it’s line-up. What in blue blazers??? The iPod Classic has a special place in my heart, while y’all […]

Moguls & She-Moguls…this is what technology is good for! I like this product so much…I made Santa give it to me for being so good all year long. After all…Mogul-ing is hard work. You see, my taste is a little on the nostalgic side. Nostalgic to the tune of more vinyl records than I can count. […]



This is just what the doctor ordered. Boyz II Men x Charlie Wilson can only mean a hit if done right. And I will say that this is well done. Boyz II Men will be dropping a new album entitled Twenty on Oct. 25. Hopefully it is some more this came from.  

Leave it to Em to become the first artist to sell 1 million downloads. Recovery is the album that keeps on giving.

I think I have downloaded my last mp3!! Or rather I say I have downloaded my last mp3 from an upcoming album that isn’t a single. Due to my addiction of downloading singles as they leaked I have ruined many albums! I used to have a ritual where I would get a new album, take […]

It is a blessing when Nasir gets in that zone and burns shit down! SMH!!! Nas hops on DJ Khaled’s Victory with John Legend, and does something magical! The flow and lyrics is serious, so much I had to look at the calender to make sure I wasn’t on some Back 2 the Future shit. […]

Every once in a while we run across a slew off mp3’s that instead of doing multiple post, we “mix em and cook em in a pot like gumbo.” So you can consider this your mogul gumbo, and what a rue we have for you. Erykah Badu follows up her bonus track that she leaked […]

[Vimeo 5315445] Nas & Damien Marley will release their much-anticipated project Distant Relatives on 4/20/10 (yep we noticed too). The first taste we get from this album is  Strong Will Continue & As We Enter. Strong Will Continue Download As We Enter Download

Now that Usher got his single status back the music has been back to the Ursher we all know and love. This track was produced by Jermaine Dupri and B. Cox,  and it may not show up on his upcoming album Raymond vs. Raymond.  But it is a good tune to have in the vaults […]

You know it’s the holidays when Raekwon wishes us a Happy New Year!!!! Over a Dionne Warwick sample The Chef goes in and reflects on ’09 and looks forward to the next year. In the New Year we can look forward to that Rae, Meth, and Ghost joint!!! Raekwon – Happy New Year Download

In my years on this earth I have seen a few changes in the way we store media. My first recollection is the vinyl 45 record. I played my children’s songs on my little record player; I believe it was a show & tell. This little player was like the prelude to videos for me! […]

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