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The beautiful 24 yr old child star turned media mogul is being featured in the October edition of Kontrol Magazine. Rumor is she’ll be showing off her “new body”. Just between you and me…I saw nothing wrong with the old one! A little well-kept thickness can be a good thing 😉

This could be the ultimate road trip experience, as long as you aren’t behind the wheel. Don’t know about you but I can imagine riding in this traveling the countryside writing songs and watching movies! What a life. In the late 60s, the UK’s Ministry of Technology has built seven buses with movie theaters inside.And the […]

Outside of the fact that it saves you money, the chart also shows why it is time efficient to burn a copy of that movie instead of dropping your cash. (Next Round)

If you’re one of those Moguls that is always looking for some way to chill,…….and chill well, then I’ve got something for you. I don’t know if it’s because I hail from the Midwest, or that I’ve logged countless hours on two lane highways, but I’ve grown comfortable exploring America…and it’s lesser-known wonders. I’ve had […]

Just wondering what the Mogul’s think…. Near the end of the hit film “Avatar,” the villain snarls at the hero, “How does it feel to betray your own race?” Both men are white — although the hero is inhabiting a blue-skinned, 9-foot-tall, long-tailed alien. Strange as it may seem for a film that pits greedy, […]

Ciara – My Love Janet Jackson – Curtains Aaliyah – Rock The Boat

It’s the return of the G.O.A.T.…..and I knew sooner or later I was going to address this one. Clearly Mr. Spike Lee has offered up some of the best movies of my generation….arguably of all time. Features like “School Daze”, “Do The Right Thing”, “Jungle Fever”, “Inside Man” have helped to broaden the scope of […]

*G.O.A.T.’s Lists* UML will soon be graced by a new Daily Feature.  Each day will bring a new post that highlights some of the Greatests Of All Time! We will cover everything that could possibly interest any UM in good standing…… Albums Songs Videos Movies Bodies Faces Performances Ideas Books Aromas Tastes Drinks Eats Well…..I’m […]

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