Haize is joined by The Andrew Bello (@BelloBeingBello) to discuss Michael Cohen , an article about inner feminist racism, and a topic the fellas promise to pick back up. The Unpopular Opinion comes from Chaunice’s heart & Scoop Grady rebrands the Petty News. Plus Gerald L Cooper end the show with his thoughts on the […]

IGN looks at the top 50 James Bond moments in 007 minutes.

Damn Dr. Dre!!!! $112 million and no album?!?! I guess the headphone game really pays well. Well enough to put him at the same table with Oprah Winfrey who brought in over $165 million!! Who said we in a recession?

I recently took in The Dark Knight Rises as hundreds of thousands other Americans did this past weekend. And while it was a fantastic flick it got me to thinking about how time flies when you are waiting for a trilogy to finish. The Dark Knight trilogy started way back in 2005, seems like a […]

My girlfriend is a sucker for holiday movies. Every season she pops in the same dvd’s or watches the same Lifetime movies as she did the day before. I wouldn’t be surprised if she could provide the captions to some of the flicks. The other night she popped in the movie “This Christmas” with Chris Brown and […]

The exodus from Netflix is in full-swing. Over 800,000 customers decided to take a hike this last quarter from the red envelope giant. The company finished its third quarter with 23.79 million U.S. subscribers compared with the 24.59 million in had during its second quarter. In Q3, Netflix announced a 60% price increase, which went […]

I love Netflix. The ability to stream movies to my TV, phone, or computer is a thing of the gods. In this instant grits era we live in, nothing is better. Unless the movie you look for isn’t available for streaming, so now you have to look for the red envelope in the mailbox. But […]

At the Edinburgh Film Festival this past weekend, Nokia held a screening for the eight finalists of its Nokia Shorts Competition. With more than 600 entries and a $10,000 grand prize on the line, the competition produced some surprising results. Nothing was quite as impressive, however, as the film shot by winner J.W. Griffiths. His […]

UML could not forget such an important filmmaker on his special day…drop us a note and name your poison…the first one’s on us 😉

Looks like Facebook is on some Google ish!! The social networking king has plans on streaming movies to users within the Facebook universe. In Facebook’s plan to takeover the world, it has teamed up with Warner Brothers to offer the 600 million users hit flicks. Warner Brothers will start the trial with The Dark Knight, […]


As you may have noticed today has a Superman theme!! Why?? Because Superman I & II are the greatest superhero films of all time!! That’s why!! The film successfully brings the elements from the comics and cartoons together in a way that screams classic. Think about it, you had Marlon Brando as Jor-El. Christopher Reeve […]

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