The tablet game is heating up!!!

iPad Microsoft Windows 7 Pretzel M&Ms Motorola Droid McDonald’s Smoothies iPod Nano Starbucks VIA instant coffee Samsung 3DTV Huggies Jeans Diapers (Tie) Kleenex Hand Towels and KFC Double Down Sandwich   ´╗┐How many of you moguls ate that Double Down foolishness??

Kid Slap Looks like a few companies got their 3 million dollars worth I see. UML has made a list of our favorite Super Bowl commercials. Dwight Howard vs. LeBron James

I am not going to lie. I have not been been down with a Moto product since my beloved Timeport that I dropped in the toilet! (Don’t ask) But from what I heard, the Verizon Droid is the phone to get. We have been hearing about an iPhone killer since the iPhone first dropped. And […]

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