Morning Waffles

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Morning Waffles: Thug Love by El Fatiah on Mixcloud

Happy Hour 2/27/15 by El Fatiah on Mixcloud This is for the feel good in you.

  Morning Waffles: Vol. 2 by El Fatiah on Mixcloud

Every once in a minute a song speaks to you as if the joint was penned with you in mind. Today that tune is People Talking by Jay-Z. We have that joint bumping loud in the UML offices tonight ladies and gentlemen. There are a few people out there talking wishing bad about Danny P. […]

  Good Morning Moguls…….. We spoke of changes, we posted about changes, and we even teased about changes. Well the change is now upon us. Ladies and Gentlemen may we present to you Morning Waffles. Oh what is that? You say Morning Waffles is a regular feature on UML. Well you are correct. But these […]

I guess everybody plays a fool once in their life if they are lucky enough, and on All The Way Round Marvin Gaye played the fool for our enjoyment. This song is not your average one in a million love song about a boy and his girl. In fact, this song is a rarity due […]


Yacht Rock has returned hotter than fish grease. Who can’t accomplish whatever they¬†want with a Little Luck? Paul and crew named Wings took us there back in the day with a song that sounds like it is straight out of the Casio keyboard factory.

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