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These days times are hard for some people. So to make a quick buck, how bout selling some of your body parts to the Black Market. True selling your heart will probably spell curtains for your Mogul Life, but it can satisfy and feed your family for many moons!!

Heads up Moguls, there are no $1,000,000 bills in circulation in the United States. Don’t end up like this lame. The old fake $1 million bill scam failed yet again, this time with a North Carolina man allegedly trying to use one at a Walmart store, police said. The Winston-Salem Journal reported Saturday an arrest […]

Message to 3 of the 5 accusers in the Eddie Long case, guard your ends!! Attorneys representing Eddie Long’s church have informed three of the five young men who accused the pastor of sexual coercion that they intend to recover nearly $1 million from their financial settlement, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned. The letter, sent […]

This looks like small town USA doesn’t it. Well if you don’t mind the life, Louisville, Colorado may just be the spot for you. According to Money magazine Louisville is the best place to live in America. Money looked for places with the optimal combination of job opportunities, fiscal strength, great schools, safe streets, good […]

Jay-Z still bringing in the dough we see. To no surprise Hov is the big dog when it comes to hip hop. Bringing in a cool $37 million gives him the crown for at least another year. Diddy is on his heels with $35 million and Kanye West rounds out the top 3 with $16 […]

Google is every damn where these days. It is no longer just your mother’s search engine. And with the creation of Google Wallet, the big G can be in your pockets also. But the million dollar question is would you feel safe using it? Especially with companies like Sony getting their safe busted in, how […]

Money is always there but the pockets change; it is not in the same pockets after a change, and that is all there is to say about money. – Gertrude Stein

Actually We can say that we aren’t surprised that Kim Kardashian is leading all reality stars in money earned. But we will say that she has had a long run in the limelight. Her 15 minutes is looking more like 2 weeks!! Wonder what Paris Hilton is doing these days? 1. Kim Kardashian: $6m 2. […]

  Money, it turned out, was exactly like sex; you thought of nothing else if you didn’t have it and thought of other things if you did. – James Baldwin

So for the right amount of money, you too can walk away with a gold bar!! CNBC reports that the company Gold To Go will be installing ATM machines that dispense gold bars in the US starting next year. The machines will first pop up in Florida and Las Vegas at the beginning of next […]

When people ask me if I have any spare change, I tell them I have it at home in my spare wallet. – Nick Arnette

A new survey conducted for the AFL-CIO suggests many American workers under 35 can’t manage the basic financial building blocks of an adult life. The union calls the past 10 years a “lost decade” for these young people, during which many fell short on getting their own places, finding stable jobs and saving money for […]

Closing the Racial Wealth Gap  Latoya Peterson A smart approach to finances can narrow the economic disparities between black and white women. How is it possible that one-fourth of black women do not possess bank accounts, and that single black women have a median wealth of $100, as compared to $41,500 for single white women? […]

  In most parts of the hood/ suburbs Tax Time = Christmas Time! While others, scrooges minimize their withholdings on their W4 throughout the year as  a guarantee not to owe or get a refund…. Well I say Live Your Life, Ball Outta Control, and I have 5 Great Ways to Blow the Dough!!

  You have to love the office. Your coworkers with their idiosyncrasies, share in the similar plight as you…. I’ve worked in some offices, that try to break this monotony by celebrating employee birthdays, and funding it by having all in the dept. give monthly to a birthday fund, which is then used to buy the birthday cake, ice cream, […]

Today officially begins Black History Month, and most school kids to Urban Moguls can recount the most celebrated historic figures and the great accomplishments they had. Ok, it’s good to feel proud for other’s accomplishments, but how does that help you and your money… right?? I believe the we can glean some insight from modern day movers and shakers. […]

Have you heard about one of the slickest and completely legal ways to reduce your taxable income? It’s by Funding an IRA. Now this probably isn’t news for you, but the Good news is that you can “Claim” the deduction and get a larger Tax Refund, before you even spend a Dollar!! It works similar to the shell game, […]

  The IRS launched its online filing system last Friday, with a promise that people who do their taxes electronically will get refunds in as few as 10 days.  Plus,  those making less than $57,000, the IRS is offering Free File computer software that helps taxpayers prepare their returns at no charge.

Now that another First of the Month has come and gone, you’ve probably already paid other people’s bills. It’s unavoidable! Especially the basics of living; Mortgage/Rent, utilities,Car/Insurance. But, the first person who should always get paid is you! Give yourself a raise today!! And what better way to start the process than with Other People’s […]

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