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Plan your menu each week and buy just enough groceries according to your plan.

Today’s Money Tip: Replace any inefficient lightbulbs with more efficient CFLs or LEDs.

When you are shopping in the store, look for items in the lower shelves for better deals. Eye-level items are often more expensive.

Book your flights and hotels way in advance to get lower prices and better sections.

Check the Internet for printed coupons before going out shopping.

Are we surprised that Dr. Dre made the Forbes money list for hip hop cats. Thanks to Apple’s Beats buyout, Dre had the highest yearly earnings total of any musician ever evaluated by FORBES. The $620 million sum is also more than the remaining 24 names on the Hip-Hop Cash Kings list—combined. Perhaps now the […]

How is Diddy still making money Moguls? The hip hop Mogul recently spoke with Forbes magazine on if he will be the first hip hop billionaire and his $250,000 gift to Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. Who do you have your money on Diddy or Jay Z?

Celebrities tend to attract attention with everything they do. The clothes they wear, the food they eat, and activities they enjoy are all prone to becoming the latest thing for the rest of the country. The cars driven by those on the A-list, however, present more intrigue from afar. Few people, no matter how much […]

It seems like every few years Benjamin Franklin gets a facelift. Well once again Mr. Big Face will look brand new when the new $100 bill gets released in October.

Warren Buffett lends his voice to an animated series, Secret Millionaires Club, aimed at helping young people understand money, and develop healthy habits from a young age. And guess what, it can help full grown Moguls too 😉 The series also features the voices of Jay-Z and Shaquille O’Neal. The Berkshire Hathaway Chairman also ran […]

The swindle of the system is simple. The Federal Reserve Bank hires the US Treasury to print up some money. The Federal Reserve only actually pays the treasury for the cost of the printing, they do NOT pay $1 for each 1$ printed. But the Federal Reserve turns around and loans out that money (or […]

Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.

Damn how many list does Forbes magazine drop per year. Seems like every month a new list comes out with the same faces on top. Well this list places your boy Dr. Dre on the top. Followed by Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Damn who knew Wayne was pulling in that type of […]

Check this CNN video out on how the wealthy hides almost $21 trillion to keep from paying taxes. I guess more money more problems.

It seems like the last few weeks something is going on with our beloved family The Jacksons. A few weeks Janet Jackson spoke out on her disapproval of Paris Jackson decision to act at such a “young”age. (Even though she was Penny). Then you hear whispers that The Jackson boys are upset with the way […]

These days times are hard for some people. So to make a quick buck, how bout selling some of your body parts to the Black Market. True selling your heart will probably spell curtains for your Mogul Life, but it can satisfy and feed your family for many moons!!

Heads up Moguls, there are no $1,000,000 bills in circulation in the United States. Don’t end up like this lame. The old fake $1 million bill scam failed yet again, this time with a North Carolina man allegedly trying to use one at a Walmart store, police said. The Winston-Salem Journal reported Saturday an arrest […]

Message to 3 of the 5 accusers in the Eddie Long case, guard your ends!! Attorneys representing Eddie Long’s church have informed three of the five young men who accused the pastor of sexual coercion that they intend to recover nearly $1 million from their financial settlement, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned. The letter, sent […]

This looks like small town USA doesn’t it. Well if you don’t mind the life, Louisville, Colorado may just be the spot for you. According to Money magazine Louisville is the best place to live in America. Money looked for places with the optimal combination of job opportunities, fiscal strength, great schools, safe streets, good […]

Jay-Z still bringing in the dough we see. To no surprise Hov is the big dog when it comes to hip hop. Bringing in a cool $37 million gives him the crown for at least another year. Diddy is on his heels with $35 million and Kanye West rounds out the top 3 with $16 […]

Google is every damn where these days. It is no longer just your mother’s search engine. And with the creation of Google Wallet, the big G can be in your pockets also. But the million dollar question is would you feel safe using it? Especially with companies like Sony getting their safe busted in, how […]

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