Mogul Perspective

If you dabble in Love and relationships (of any kind really)…the break-up is bound to happen to you.  I happen to think that the break-up is just as much a part of the relationship as meeting and falling in love.  In fact, it may be the most important part…because it’s the memory that most people […]

I know, I know, the headline is cliche’, and the topic has been beaten into the ground, but the conversation continues to intrigue every woman I have ever met. Almost to the point of wondering if there is an answer that any woman will really accept, or truly consider for the purpose of enhancing their […]

Do something today that will  move you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.  Whether it’s one inch closer, or a mile…progress is everything.  Feed your inner Mogul a little taste of success everyday, because success is addictive.  Develop a healthy addiction to life and all that it has to offer. Enjoy, I.B.Edubl

  Man it can be hard out here for Mogul as he navigates through his sweet spot in search of the ultimate mate to help smooth things out. As we encounter different females, we soon realize that the same things that turned us on in our teens may do different things to us in our 30’s. For example, […]

  …….Danny P Ocean (and the P stands for Poitier). I am the director of Food and Beverage here at UrbanMogulLife. I enjoy summer nights in New Orleans with a jug of that hurricane, but you can call it slurricane. Ya dig? I am hip-hop, I am class, I am Mogul, I am a gentleman, […]

We made it to one year!! Pop the bottles and enjoy the finest smokes this side of the Mason-Dixon line. Party like a Mogul! Do it big, real big. But I will admit, this gig is not easy. It is not all glamour and glitz. There are no lines of readers standing outside the office […]

Where art thou Brother?  African villages have always considered every man in the village as a Brother. Brothers have been separated through income status, material holdings, genetic make-up, and criminal backgrounds. Income status sets us apart because brothers who are doing all the doing look down on the brothers they are suppose to lend a […]

“When you’re in the market for love, and you find yourself rattling off an arm-long list of good-lookin’, good-lovin’, right-actin’, upwardly mobile qualities….make sure that you recognize that anybody that DAMN fantastic….probably has a pretty long list of their own.” – Author Known Mogul Moral: Seek nothing in others that you do not expect to […]

Ladies and gentlemen, Moguls and She-Moguls…..the time has come. Personally, I think UML brings you some of the best original posts this side of the WorldWideWeb. For a blog only 3 months old, our infant stage has proved potent, and apparently…..our viewers like it. To add to the ranks of the G.O.A.T., Mogul Perspective, and […]

Life is full of New Beginnings and cycles that offer the opportunity for renewal. None are quite as celebrated as the New Year. The revolution of the yearly cycle offers all of us an opportunity to put life into a measurable and common perspective, regardless of the level of our day-to-day consciousness. New Beginnings are […]

We can be all consumed during the Christmas holidays with shopping, decorating and cooking, that we may miss the reason for the season. While some do recognize this time of year as a celebration of the birth of Jesus, by playing that Boyz II Men Christmas CD, adorning their yard with a fiber optic Nativity […]

Look forward to a NEW regular feature appearing on UML. Designed to explore how the Mogul Mind, may differ from the norm. Regular thoughts…..just a different perspective 🙂 “People who think they know everything are only a nuisance to those that don’t feel like they do. The former never seems to perceive the “disadvantage” implied […]

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