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Join Rob and Lamont as they discuss the great start of the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Packers latest trades and transactions. Also, the topic of prostitution will ignite awesome dialogue and friendly banter this week. Email:  


NLCS Milwaukee Bucks MPD Pursuit Policy

Thoughts on NFL Conference Championship games? Who will the Bucks replace Jason Kidd with? Who will LeBron & Steph pick as their All Star teammates? Will the Brewers sign Yu Darvish or make a trade for Christian Yelich?Thoughts on new NFL Head Coaches? Join me along with my co-hosts as we cover all this & […]

Well ladies & gentlemen it looks like we won’t have a NBA season this year. Although we may get some b-ball action by January, but I doubt that also. Usually I don’t get hyped for basketball until after the Super Bowl, but I know some of you out there  really wants to see the tip-off. […]

Now I dont know where to begin. Let me start with all the ” EXPERTS” saying that we wasted a lottery pick on Brandon Jennings( good job experts), then loose our mil ticket Michael Redd to the same exact injury that he suffered in the 2008-09 season, just for the “EXPERTS” to say that we were doomed […]

It’s been a long road for the boy, but as we can seen , he has arrived from going to USC, to Arizona, to not being able to pass the entrance exams to attend college. He did what he thought was best for him and his family, and went overseas to play in the  Euroleauge. […]

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