In a world where believing  in something is one of the hardest things to do, I think we can all agree that anyone who believes in anything enough that he/she would give his/her life for that cause, is a person worthy of respect and honor. I mean, ask yourself, where in your life have you […]

  Civilization in a savage situation….  

We live in a world where the right to do, act, and believe whatever we want is fought for by men and women that think enough of the cause…and their country to put their lives on the line. The least you could do is appreciate it. I hope your Memorial Day was included time to […]

A pair of sturdy, but stylish Dunhill boots following the “Military’ trend of the 2010 Fall/Winter season.  Note the zip/lace up closure.  Everything a Mogul needs to “stomp the Urban Jungle“: A Do-Eerything mole-skin colored two piece ensemble from Prada…the three button jacket, versatile styling, and all purpose color puts this right up I.B.‘s alley:

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