Michael Rapaport

Well that was quick. The Michael Rapaport documentary on A Tribe Called Quest comes out October 18th. For those of you who haven’t seen this movie, it is a must see. A well put together film on one of the GOAT groups. The DVD will have bonus footage as well as commentary from all members […]

Phife Dawg and Director Michael Rapaport sat down with Nick Huff Barili to talk about the new Tribe Called Quest documentary: Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest. Some of the topics they talked about include: Will Tribe ever make music together as a group? Why did Nas who started out […]

“A Tribe Called Quest consists of four members: Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Phife Dog, Q-Tip, and Jarobe…a…e…i…o…u…and sometimes…y.” Every since they ‘left their wallet in El Segundo’ my life has never been the same. I have every Tribe contribution released, a gang of random underground mixes & of course collaborations including ‘Get It Together’ (Beastie Boys < another […]

This is one of the only movies that I am looking forward to seeing this summer. Anything with A Tribe Called Quest in it would make my day. Hopefully you Moguls will be lucky enough to have this documentary playing at a theater near you. RELEASE DATE THEATER NAME CITY STATE 7/08/11 THE SUNSHINE NEW […]

Michael Rapaport spoke with MTV to address the comments that Q-Tip made about not supporting the new documentary featuring A Tribe Called Quest. “I think the reason he did his little Twitter thing was because when he realized that the movie was coming to completion and going to get seen by people. I can’t really speak […]

Michael Rappaport speaks about his upcoming documentary on A Tribe Called Quest, Beats, Rhymes & Life.  I have been waiting for this film since I first heard of it a few years ago. I almost forgot all about it, so it is refreshing to see that the film is still a go.

J. Cole – Lights Please Prince – Electric Intercourse Consequence x Kanye West – Grammy Family

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