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In this episode of American Greed… Case File:  Pimp, Preacher, Profiteer   Michael Lock The Profiteer   As we brought you the series on Michael “Money Mike” Lock  previously, it seems that now it is on a much broader scale at this point with CNBC’s American Greed television show, airing their version of the events that happened. […]

Fourth of five parts Michael Lock orchestrated a mortgage fraud that cost banks millions of dollars, destroyed people’s finances and heaped misery on Milwaukee’s already battered inner-city neighborhoods. And he did much of it while out on work release from a Wisconsin prison. Lock even managed to run his scams from behind bars using a […]

  Third of five parts Michael Lock started a small drug-dealing ring and developed it into a criminal network. When federal agents finally busted him with 9 ounces of cocaine, they treated him like a run-of-the-mill drug dealer – despite evidence Lock was one of the largest dealers in the city. He was moving 10 […]

Second of five parts Eugene “Mickey” Chaney spent the last day of his life delivering tulips, lilies and daffodils. After he finished his day job, Chaney was supposed to meet with a big Milwaukee drug dealer, Michael Lock – a man investigators believed was moving 10 pounds of cocaine a week. Chaney’s co-workers at the […]

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