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I must admit, I was a die-hard NBA Live fan one point in my life. But somewhere along the way, the game got lame and my full time attention turned to Madden. So I missed the NBA 2K take-over. But from the looks of this trailer, I will be snatching this game up come Oct. […]

You have a couple of hours to waste today while you listen to Watch The Throne? Why not take it all in while watching Michael Jordan drop 50 or more points on countless lames?

Aww sookie sookie na!! NBA2K12 looks to be the real deal. This year we get more legends which means we can have more dream games against current teams. I predict by next season damn near every team who had a half of a star will get a spot on this game. Look for the game […]

Michael Jordan shows the folks at his Bobcats Fantasy Camp that at 48 years old, he can still put it down!!

Someone needs to forward this video to Scottie Pippen! Because he clearly forgot.

Now if you know ESPN in the mornings, then you know that Skip Bayless hates him some LeBron James. That is a given, so I am not totally surprised by his outburst on 1st & Ten. But when he lashed out on ESPN writer Chris Broussard claiming he lost his “soul” over a past LeBron […]

So it looks like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has a thing or few to say about the biggest news Scottie Pippen been in since he tossed a chair on the court back in 95! Yeah it has been that long! So it leads me to think what motives did Pip really have behind those comments? Maybe Holmes […]

$150 – June 4th


…”make it to the Final Four and you can have any shoes you want!”

Nike, Air Jordan, and Converse is releasing a pack to commerate Black History Month and some of the greatest basketball players in NBA History. Michael Jordan, Air Jordan III, Dr. J, COnverse All-Stars, and Kobe Bryant, Kobe VI. The pack also throws a pair of Air Force I’s for good measure. Look for these shoes […]

Marcus Jordan has bolstered his scoring as a He sits in a suite high above the basketball court, protected from potential autograph-seekers and media members and college students with cell-phone cameras. Just in case any of them were to, you know, show interest. For the most part, though, NBA legend Michael Jordan can slip in […]

“The latest introduction is a pair of Air Jordan 2011’s, the aesthetic of this pair is very similar to the pairs designed during the heyday of Jordan brand. It is simplistic, with interesting functional features such as an interchangeable sole which has a torsion plate attached to the shoe. The interchangeable soles feature the AIR […]

I was told it would get here soon enough. And damn-it they ain’t lied! Tonite the road to the Larry O’Brien trophy starts, and  it feels like New Year’s Eve x Summer vacation all wrapped in one. This little window right here is what we sports fans call a slice of heaven. For the next […]

It’s very easy to argue about which player is better and I also know the majority of you will never, ever, say Kobe Bryant even comes close to MJ because of the love affair everyone has for his Airness along with the hatred you have for one of  the best player in our lifetime, Kobe […]

I haven’t bought a NBA game in a few years. In my opinion they just weren’t realistic enough. BUT, with the GOAT coming to 2K11 how can I pass this up? I will be there opening day and will be busting ass by dinner time!!!!!

  Michael Jordan is on the cover of July’s Slam issue.

In a move that I applaud, LeBron James plans to change his number to 6 his Olympic jersey number. In November he spoke of switching numbers in hopes that the NBA would officially retire 23 in honor of Michael Jordan. ESPN reports that LeBron filed his paperwork to change his number Monday in order to beat the Wednesday […]

    Last Thursday, Marcus Jordan, the Hall of Fame guard’s younger son, told the media that he’d honor the University of Central Florida’s contract with adidas by wearing all the apparel with adidas logos on it. He would not, however, take the court in the shoes. Citing family pride, Marcus said he would be […]

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