Michael Jackson

Haize pays tribute to The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin, discusses the importance of open dialog & the statistics on black police officers using deadly force on black men. While Chaunice discusses the backlash on Sam Smith not liking Michael Jackson. B Hun & B Chan from Alternative Facts Chicago join the show to discuss […]

Haize is back this week like never before answering you questions in a way that can only come to his mind. Welcome to The Kickback where you questions are answered in a house party that only Haize could come up with. Listener submitted questions answered in The Kickback skit: Who won the Tupac/Biggie beef? What […]

Well I’ll be damn Quincy Jones pulls this old grandpa card and came out the box spitting wagers like he was from Shaolin. He had a list and he went down it talking about everyone from Ringo Starr to Marvin Gaye! Is he out of order? The crew weighs in. The Black Pack also discussed […]

Fresh off the Mogul Squared Launch Party, UML returns to the Batcave to discuss Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Prince, And Michael Jackson. Which one was better during their respective prime? Was Marvin indirectly responsible for Stevie and Michael doing their thing later in the 70s? How long was Prince’s Purple Reign? 5 years? 8 years? […]

The Mogul Lounge Belafonte James, Romero, and El Fatiah tackle Moonlight and did it deserve an Oscar on the merit of the quality of film or was it due to the subject matter? We also ponder could Michael Jackson have produced a solo album by his lonesome, or did he need a Quincy Jones/Teddy Riely […]

Yeah, I understand that to some of you think Chris Brown is the second coming of Jesus Christ. I get that. But please let’s not get carried away. Chris Brown cannot carry Michael’s Jheri curl juice bottle to the party. And that’s not a knock against Mr. Brown, but we have to keep it 100 […]

This segment SpeakEASY, El Fatiah and Poindexter sit back and celebrate the life that was Michael Jackson.  El Fatiah elaborates on why he feels MJ is the GOAT.

The Ohio State Marching Band ain’t no punk. At last Saturday’s game the band big upped Michael Jackson and moonwalked across the whole field. No, really they moonwalked across the whole field. If you don’t believe just check out the video. If you don’t want to watch all of the greatness skip to the 4:15 […]

Here is a previously unreleased Michael Jackson song. Sounds like vault material nothing major but a new Mike song none the less.

So I was flipping thru the internets last night and I stumbled across some Jackson jewels that I have never seen. And one realization was bestowed upon me…. them Jackson boys can sing. Now don’t get your wig twisted and balled out. I don’t mean that they can sing Michael style, BUT after seeing the […]

  The wrongful death case of Michael Jackson, which promises to be eye opening, has brought the confirmation that the singer had the disease vitiligo. Mike also had a few make-up tattoos on his face. I wonder what all will come to light once the trail has ended.

. If you know me you know that I am a Michael Jackson fan. I have a 25 pound “coffee table” book to prove that claim. But I wasn’t always this cool. Growing up back in the day yo boy was a country music enjoyer. Only because my Grand-Moms used to bump that music early […]

  Beyonce clowned around for the camera giving her best MJ impersonation.

Upon first look this cat seems like a bootleg ripoff of Michael Jackson, and if that is your impression you’re correct. Alfonzo Jones must of been peeping thru the windows of Michael Jackson’s Encino crib and ran off with some style. Not only does this album cover look like a Thriller, but his vocal style […]

This Thanksgiving you can watch a little Michael Jackson after you finish your turkey and dressing on ABC. The last few years ABC seems to have must watch TV Thanksgiving Night.

When Michael passed away, we weren’t born yet. Urban Mogul-Life was still a twinkle in the eye. But we felt pain far, far, away, and we waited for our moment to come when we can pay our respects to  the genius that was The King of Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B, etc. Mr. Michael Joseph Jackson. […]

The Jackson family drama is in full mode right about now. We have heard from the brothers, Paris, and saw Janet get her Auntie on. But Prince Michael Jackson Jr has been pretty quiet, that is until now. Prince has taken to Twitter to tell his side of the story. I would first like to […]

It seems like the last few weeks something is going on with our beloved family The Jacksons. A few weeks Janet Jackson spoke out on her disapproval of Paris Jackson decision to act at such a “young”age. (Even though she was Penny). Then you hear whispers that The Jackson boys are upset with the way […]

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