How much french fry is enough french fry? Apparently 350 grams and 1,142 calories!! The ‘Mega Potato’ is featured in Japan McDonald’s and I am sure once you finish you may need to go to the ER!! They sure love fries in Japan I see.

I see they still had that orange drink back then!!!

If you need a job McDonald’s may be able to hook you up. On April 19, the fast food giant plans on hiring 50,000 people! That is an average of 3 new hires per store. Mickey Dee’s will hire everyone from fry guys to managers.

I am not much of an Subway eater, I prefer Cousins. But I have recently noticed that a lot more Subways are popping up around the city. At the end of 2010, Subway tallied more restaurants than McDonald’s, giving them the honor of the largest restaurant chain in the world. A Subway spokesman counted their […]

Let’s start by saying I’m offended and long past the days where putting ‘Mc’ in front of anything suddenly makes it appetizing. Who the hell eats this stuff? You do realize that anything sold by McDonald’s must be processed and can’t be fresh…right? So what would make you want to try lobster at Micky D’s?!?!?! […]

iPad Microsoft Windows 7 Pretzel M&Ms Motorola Droid McDonald’s Smoothies iPod Nano Starbucks VIA instant coffee Samsung 3DTV Huggies Jeans Diapers (Tie) Kleenex Hand Towels and KFC Double Down Sandwich   How many of you moguls ate that Double Down foolishness??

With all of this Illuminati talk the last year or so, many of you Moguls may wonder how can you exactly tell if a person is in the Illuminati. Well first of all any entertainer that is successful is one!! And out of the rest 15% of them are also down with the crew. But […]

A way to any man’s heart is through the stomach!! If you can cook a meal after work you are sent from above. Because as some of us may know, a woman who cooks on the regular is rare. At least in the Mid-West. So it doesn’t surprise me that the obesity rate of kids […]

Did you hear the one about Morgan Freeman doing the McDonalds’ commercial? Nope I bet you didn’t, and if Morgan Freeman had it his way you would never know about that one. But our good friend Jay Leno uncovered the commercial and may have pissed Freeman off in the process. Hey Morgan, we all did […]

So not to be out-done by Burger King, Mickey D’s has come out with their own little BBQ dish. Not sure how you Moguls feel, but ribs from a burger joint just doesn’t seem like it is good. I mean would you get pancakes from a fish joint?

  Pretty soon when you go to enjoy that Bic Mac and large fry, you can stay updated with the Fresh at UML! Starting in 2010, McDonalds will offer wi-fi at select locations for $2.95. This is a great business move because visitors will probably grab a little food while they sit back and check […]

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