I bet ya’ll don’t even remember when Lil’ Kim looked like this… Related Articles Lil’ Kim Impersonates Nicki Minaj On Radio Station ( Diddy Speaks Again On Nicki Minaj Vs. Lil’ Kim Feud ( Lil Kim Says She Once Recorded With Nicki Minaj ( Nicki Minaj gets dissed by Lil’ Kim ( Keri Hilson x […]

My ears and eyes have been so flooded with the “essence” of Nicki Minaj as of late, that I had to go elsewhere to find a female that was doin’ it for the love of Hip-Hop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a “Nicki Hater”; as a matter of fact…I think she’s got some real […]

“I’m sitting in the crib dreaming about leer jets and coupes/ The way Salt shoops/ And how to sell records like Snoop” There is nothing better than a b-girl standing in her b-girl stance!! Simple as that!! Women and Hip Hop go together like all-white Air Force 1’s and white t’s. Classic. Sometime after Snoop […]

When trying to build a buzz , some artists drop mixtapes  to establish their foundation and gain a following from listeners. Others, however, that just have the talent from the gate, do not feel the need to go through the auditions and just allow their official releases speak for themselves. Dropping 11 solo albums, it […]

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