Picture the scene. You at home trying to figure out what you want to wear to the party. You know that everyone will be there in their spiffiest digs, so you better come correct. As you look into the closet you realize it ain’t anything for you t throw on, so you decide to hit […]

If you have followed UML for a minute you will remember that last year your boy Danny P Ocean jumped the broom. Got hitched. Tied the knot. Hung my player jersey in the rafters. And if you know Danny P personally you know that marriage wasn’t always on my radar. I was happily living the […]

If you are a follower of this “blog-a-zine” you know that Danny P Ocean is married. In fact I did a whole little series on the run-down to my big day. And as a follow up I want to tell you that I am happy Moguls. Of course I have to adjust to the fact […]

  Man it can be hard out here for Mogul as he navigates through his sweet spot in search of the ultimate mate to help smooth things out. As we encounter different females, we soon realize that the same things that turned us on in our teens may do different things to us in our 30’s. For example, […]

See I come from a different era. I don’t want anyone to be able to say they seen my wife naked not while she is my wife. Sounds reasonable don’t it? Does Kanye West have the same train of thought? I don’t think so. A few days ago a picture from the magazine Paper dropped […]

Moguls as of today I have 9 days before I jump the broom. My fiancé and I have met with the Reverend, picked out the cake, and went over the guest list 20-eleven times. So I guess it is safe to say, we are getting married. Over the course of six months one question has […]

In about 30 days your boy Danny P (The P stands for Poitier) Ocean will be jumping the broom!! Who woulda thunk? Not I. I took pride for years in the fact that I was the last of the playboys. While all my friends fell off one by one like roaches getting sprayed with Raid, […]

  Looks like Ms. Jackson is about to try this marriage thing again for the 3rd time. Us Weekly, meanwhile, is reporting that the nuptials are expected to “cost millions,” and that Jackson’s loved ones will arrive in Qatar via Al Mana’s private planes. Wissam is managing director of Al Mana Retail, which represents designer […]

Alicia Keys brings her fire to Jet magazine this week.

A few weeks ago the D.O.C. made it seem that he and Erykah Badu would begetting married and doing a reality TV show together. However, Erykah took the time out to clear up any misconceptions that might have been created by the Diggy Diggy Doctor. Erykah Badu and The D.O.C. share parental responsibilities for their […]

Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis had a mean 2step but here are a few notable quotables on their experience with steppin outside their dynamic duo … Ossie: “It occurred to us, from observation and reasoning, that extramarital sex was not what really destroyed marriages, but rather the lies and deception that invariably accompanied it — that was […]

So I hear that Olivia Wilde has separated from Tao Ruspoli. Word?? Yeah that brought a smile across my face like, if I ever catch her at happy hour…. I didn’t feel the need to ask why they separating. Maybe he was caught sexting someone a picture of himself naked in his flip-flops? Maybe he […]

Jesse James is moving right along we see. He has supposedly proposed to Kat Von D. Jesse James and Kat Von D’s engagement came as a shock to most everyone, and now is exclusively reporting that the inked couple plans on tying the knot within the next month. “Jesse and Kat don’t see any […]

Damn that was fast, wasn’t it? I mean to go from being chased by golf clubs Thanksgiving weekend, to being divorced before the following Labor Day…. damn!! I have seen divorces dragged out longer than the Simpsons’ series and Scottie Pippen’s arms! Not sure on the how the money was split, but I am sure […]

  Terrance Howard and his wife Michelle Ghent-Howard were spotted out in Cannes. Terrance done fooled around and kept his marriage secret being that he jumped the broom in January of this year. This is like creeping at it’s finest.

Bossip has learned that Janet and Jermaine have reconciled their relationship and are now moving towards marriage.  We know you guys heard it all before but this time it’s a bit more serious. According to a source close to the couple, Janet Jackson is now planning their wedding. The longtime friends says the two never fell out […]

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