We all know what time of the year it is, with that being said we will either be hosting or visiting someone humble a bold. There’ll be friends and family present, maybe some new guest. If your your a guest in someone else’s domain here’s a few things to remember. 1. Remember to be on […]

Everyone runs a little late from time to time. But  a Mogul knows how to play it and still remain smooth throughout the ordeal. If you are running late, you should call and let the party know immediately. (Not a party-party because they may not care when you get there if at all, but the […]

One of our favorite sites ( The Art of Manliness) wrote out the perfect guide to dining, making it possible for those of us who don’t know to know. To help us look like we been here before and know how to carry ourselves in the company of dinner guest. A Man’s Guide to Dining […]

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