The idea of “The Right One” is something that floats through everyone’s mind; from the single, to the involved…and even the unhappily married. From the time we are born we begin to formulate a recipe for that One person that we think will curb our appetite for all others. Over time, we narrow down the […]

Straight cash homie!! This is my dream right here. Driving down to the Sallie Mae office and tossing a Nike box full of cash across the table. Then looking at the worker and saying “straight cash homie!!” Alex Kenjeev fulfilled the dream of every indebted student – with a grocery bag of cash. The Toronto-based […]

GQ is hard on ya boy Chris Brown….. As the bespectacled child at the beginning of his video for “Yeah! 3X” cries out: “Hey, it’s Chris Brown!” Inside this year GQ’s 50 Best-Dressed Men 2012 in association with Mercedes-Benz, we reveal that the worst-dressed man on the planet is none other than the thuggish rapper-slash-singer. […]

All of us have the opportunity and the ability to evolve as human beings; yet so few of us will ever seize that opportunity…as he did. Happy Born Day Brother Malcolm.

Now this is some nasty sh&t!!!! Reminds us of the Exorcist.

You know how when you were a kid you would say “may God strike me down if I’m lying!!!” Can you imagine what this guy must be lying about?? A man gets struck by lightning twice in less than a minute. Can his day get any worse?

These commercials are the definition of the Distinguished Mogul.

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