So, we can finally put this story to rest….Your Old Droog is a white dude from Brooklyn, like he said from the beginning, and Nas apparently has nothing to do with him.  He used the ominous gossip contrived by the media to push his career ahead a few steps; and rightfully so.  While Droog obviously digs […]

Somebody need to go get they boy. Chicago you need to send your representer out to LA and chop it up with Ye. Jay Z how about hoping on your jet with Kanye and do y’all Mile High thing and by the time y’all land The Dropout Bear needs to be with you. Because right […]

Not often do we get to see rappers breaking down each other’s rhymes. So it is a treat to see a lyrical beast such as Talib Kweli deciphering a Jay-Z lyric.

How do you feel about RIck Ross’ lyrics about women? Do you feel that his choice of words were offensive?

Ain’t no half stepping…… Cause I’m the Big Daddy Kane   To me Big Daddy Kane was much more than a rapper. He was a way of life, especially for a young  cat like myself growing up in the late 80’s. I was unfortunate or fortunate (depending on when you ask me) to not really […]

It’s funny how I have close to 200 gb’s of music, but I always seem to listen to the same songs. Either the hot “new” album that gets play for a week or two. Or the staples in my collection that I always fall back on to get my mind right. Well on my way […]

Jay-Z sums up why he likes to big up B.I.G. in songs.

  Seems like Em has a knack for making features his own. No matter how ill you thought your verse was, Eminem will come through and just murk your little 16!! No problem! He proved TI to be his latest victim on “That’s All She Wrote”. And the thing is Tip didn’t come weak, but […]

Lyrical phenom….. Enjoy, I.B. Edubl

Every so often a song pops up on your shuffle mix where you can feel what the artist is rapping/signing. Either you have went or are going through the experience  that it being shared, you look at the speakers like “I feel your pain.”  Wind (terlude) paints a bleak picture of a dying love that he is going […]

What a day for the inaugural “Lyric” feature. On a day where we celebrate the life of a man who spoke so eloquently in defense of justice. Whose own lyrics have shaped the minds and fabric of America. I invite all that command the gift of verse to read, and share.

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