Life is all about trying new things. Why? Because the worse that can happen is that whatever you try is not that good. But on the flip side, you may fool around and expand some shit, like your mind, taste, hobbies, likes, pleasures, vices, style, whatever. This post is not about the good that comes […]

  Man it can be hard out here for Mogul as he navigates through his sweet spot in search of the ultimate mate to help smooth things out. As we encounter different females, we soon realize that the same things that turned us on in our teens may do different things to us in our 30’s. For example, […]

  Ladies and Gentlemen the day has come and passed for wedding invites to RSVP, and I couldn’t be happier. This wedding thing has become a little more stress inducing than I ever could have thought. When I popped the big question I had thoughts of partying the night away with a few hundred of […]

I was reluctant to post on Urban Mogul Life about Ray J and his shinanagins, but why not? The lil dude is tripping to the 3rd degree with this wack song, and now he has the matching video to go along with it. And as I watched the cheesy smiles he gives the camera in […]

Do you realize that children graduating college in 2016 never had a record player? Or never had a walkman. How about this, they don’t know what it is like to have Saturday morning cartoons. Yep, poor kidos. Beloit College recently released it’s Mindset List for the 2016 graduates, and some of the items will amaze […]

Okay, so I’m no health guru, but I figure if these are the 16 healthiest foods in the history of eating…it can’t hurt a Mogul to try to include these items in the rotation from time to time. Be healthy Moguls!!

The field of emcees in HipHop that are “nicerdinnamugg” is pretty large, but Young Money eye candy Nicki Minaj got a lil’ too excited at the VMAs when she shouted out her hometown of Southside Jamaica, Queens, during her acceptance speech AND also made sure to give props, & declare, Lil Wayne “the best rapper […]

Jay-Z still bringing in the dough we see. To no surprise Hov is the big dog when it comes to hip hop. Bringing in a cool $37 million gives him the crown for at least another year. Diddy is on his heels with $35 million and Kanye West rounds out the top 3 with $16 […]

10 Ways To Keep Your High Profile Mogul A$$ Out Of Jail… Hire A Driver:  You know yo ass loves to get drunk and high…so what the f*ck you look like drivin’ ? Don’t Do Dope On The Move:  If you’re gonna bake your brain, don’t do it in traffic. Dispense With The Entourage And […]

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