Lil Wayne

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Lil’ Wayne is featured in this documentary that releases Nov. 17. The movie gives the viewer and up-close and personal view of one of the most successful rappers of this decade. Through interviews with Weezy and those who know him the best, we get a look at the man behind the music. This seems to […]

Lil Wayne has a trailer for his mixtape!!!! Now this is major! I hope the cd lives up to the hype! Lil Wayne “No Ceilings” comes out Oct. 31 to a download spot near you! If you don’t know where to look, then you really need to step up your download game!

Lil Wayne doesn’t come cheap. To let him tell it, the self-proclaimed “best rapper alive,” who has collaborated with artists ranging from Enrique Iglesias to more subterranean acts like Little Brother, commands between $100,000 to $75, 000 for a guest verse.The cheaper rate (75k) goes when Wayne likes the song or beat, and apparently, exceptions […]

This is Part 2 of them ballin out across the pond. You can see Part 1 here.  Next time y’all take a trip call us up Baby! We down with spending a few!

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