Okay UML fam…let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. We didn’t launch this blog solely to focus on pop culture, music, and the shiny things in life. After all, any true Mogul has figured out, or will, that in order to master this lifetime, it will require a balanced being, strong in Mind, Body, and Spirit.Here […]

I’ve hustled across this great country of ours and even balled out in a few other countries.  One place I’ve gone to an absurd amount of time is New York (not Manhattan though…yuck).  I love the freedom of style, art and life in general.  One of my favorite spots to visit there was, the “graffiti mecca”, 5 […]

  Need to stay on course with that New Year’s Resolution of losing weight? Check this video out from Alpha M, and hopefully you can keep that resolution a little longer.

Moguls how many of you know how to cook a good steak? I have a feeling that most of you who think you are doing something actually HAVE to douse your steak with A-1 sauce because it just ain’t that good. Well never fear, in 2015 you can fool around and become a steak master […]

    Nike KD7 NSW Lifestyle QS White/White-Ice Blue Style #: 653871-100 September 2014

One thing that we promote here at UML is the Lifestyle of people out here doing what they do. Taking care of business and celebrating life on day at a time. Chivas Regal has a 12-part series which focuses on a group of men doing Mogul things.

Moguls part of being an Urban Mogul is getting healthy. And I my friends have been guilty of the opposite.  Over the last few years of my life I have turned into the fast food king. Doing it real big come lunch time on the daily. Value meal biggie sized because I want the extra […]

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Pic Annie Scudder Time for the annual bucklist of things to do as the weather gets nicer. Most of these ideas are easy on the pocket which leads to more coin for #10. Picnic – Something as simple as a picnic can do wonders to the hustle of your life. Pack a few of your […]

I am not much of a dark liquor fan but I can’t say that I’ve never had wine baskets delivered to my close friends. I can tolerate it, but it definitely isn’t my beverage of choice when I am out and about. If it is up to me, pour me a glass of vodka on […]

I am a sucker for a beautiful lady. Ever since I was a young lad, I had a thing for beautiful ladies. Wether it was the girl down the street or pretty pig tailed girl sitting behind me in class, if she was good looking she had my undivided attention. Some dudes with low self […]


The third and final installment of the Johnny Cupcakes x Nickelodeon collaboration is here and this video details the project from its conception to its completion and execution.

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Alright who is in? Let’s go to Vegas and ball out for an entire weekend. Good drinks, good ladies, great company, and fantastic times.

As I have traveled throughout the internets I discovered one thing; there are plenty of good sites/blogs. One of the blogs that I love to frequent is the Art of Manliness. From fashion tips, to throwing knives, if you want to know it artofmanliness probably has covered it. Today another one of their articles caught […]

This is the perfect chair to have in your weekend getaway crib. You can chill like you are in your very own bird’s nest!! And to tell you the truth, the chair actually looks comfy!

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