LeBron James

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Rule # 4080: Rookies move out the way when someone has a head of steam as they make their way to the basket!!! James Johnson must have not read his rookie handbook during training camp. I don’t know what he thought he was going to do, other than end up on a highlight/youtube video for […]

In a move that I applaud, LeBron James plans to change his number to 6 his Olympic jersey number. In November he spoke of switching numbers in hopes that the NBA would officially retire 23 in honor of Michael Jordan. ESPN reports that LeBron filed his paperwork to change his number Monday in order to beat the Wednesday […]

I am fan of LeBron just like the next man. Well should I say some of you. BUT I will admit the dancing is getting a little old real quick. It was cool the first time I saw him do it, but after getting knocked out by Orlando last season the warm fuzzies disappeared. And […]

We get a new episode of the MVPuppets, this time it deals with the case of the missing LeBron VII. Lil Dez makes a quick cameo, and a few new characters are thrown in the mix.

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