This one is for the preppy She-Moguls.


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Ladies could yo rock a cartoon bag? If so JumpFromPaper has your look.The “Cartoon” Handbags are the real thing only thing missing is your theme song. $80    

She Moguls…. Would you? If so, here ya go.

They’re lightweight, have a wonderful, natural aroma, look like a million bucks, and come with my personal endorsement…enjoy Moguls…

RAW Shoe Blog

Topshop Cable-knit sweater  $80


Greenhouse presents women’s camcorders. What do you think ladies? Will you use this during your next trip?

Now you know Jordan ain’t put his stamp of approval on these, but would you rock them ladies? (RealTalkNY)

There is nothing better than a bag with print from the MotherLand. This ladies duffel bag features Gold Ugandan print and is made with 100% bull twill. This bag is a unique beauty. You can buy one here for $73.

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