Kobe Bryant

And just like that, one of the GOATs will be calling it quits ladies and gentlemen. Kobe Bryant will always hold a special place in my heart. Not that I was a Laker fan, I’m a die-hard Bulls fan. Not that I was the biggest Kobe fan either. But to me Kobe Bryant was the […]

Kobe Bryant is a love him or hate him type cat. For those that love him, he is the best thing since Michael Jordan, and to half of them Kobe is THE GOAT. While the rest of the world hates him. To them Kobe Bryant is the Antichrist. Well no matter where Kobe falls on […]

  When you only win 14 games so far in a season, there is no room to celebrate and crack smiles. Act like you expected to win, and been there before. Well for the Lakers they probably haven’t been there before, or rather I say they haven’t been there much this year. For a player […]

Damn it is hard out there for a GOAT Jr. Last night Kobe Bryant scored 4 points, count them 4 points in a losing effort to the Los Angeles Clippers. 4 points on 2-12 attempts is not a good look for anyone. In fact, ESPN felt the effort was so bad they didn’t even mention […]

For some reason I am hyped about the NBA season rather early. The National Basketball Association doesn’t usually get my attention until Christmas Day. What better way to spend Christmas than with the premier teams of the league? Christmas and the NBA go hand in hand like Thanksgiving and the NFL. Good shit. However, after that […]

Somewhere in the 80’s and early 90’s Kobe Bryant had his VCR on record mode. And he must have watched over and over again Michael Jordan games from sun down til sun up. And once daylight hit, he was on the court practicing. While AI was complaining about practice, Kobe Bryant was putting in work. And […]

  adidas is jumping in on the retro craze by bringing back these Kobe originals. For you young Moguls out there you may not remember before Kobe started rocking Nike, he was wearing adidas. Even though these shoes have a clunk to them, I can dig them. Are these your cup of tea Moguls? Look […]

I wonder if Kobe Bryant is really nice on the keys or was he just Milli Vanillin’ it?

I swear I think Kobe has a shock collar on when he practices that is set to sting him whenever he doesn’t execute a Jordan move correctly. How else would you explain this video? The comparison of moves are eerie at times. Even Chris Brown doesn’t get his MJ moves on quite like this. Well […]

Can you imagine how sweet life would be if you can get paid bag loads of money to play something you grew up loving? Well for these select few, life is sweet. Of course we have the usual suspects, but we did not know Federer was up in the mix. Tiger Woods – $78.1 million […]

Ehhh, probably not. Actually from the looks of this picture the two are clearly laughing at the rumors going around that they have some type of locker room beef.

Dime magazine has called Kobe Bryant the player of the century. Now the century is still young and I am sure that we will see many more “players of the century” between now and 2099, but as of now can you think of a better player?

I remember back in the day when people would compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan I cried blasphemy. Now after a few more rings and few more miles on the legs, I can see the comparison a little more clearly. And I will admit that not only is Kobe Bryant a chip of the block of […]

Who you have your money on Moguls???

  Nike Zoom Kobe VII Elite White/Metallic Gold-Black-Neutral Grey Style #: 511371-100 05/12/2012 $200

1) D Wade likes to hack people during All-Star Games causing broke noses and concussions. I mean who does that? No one holds defense during All-Star Games do they? 2) Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston supposedly had a secret romance back in the day?!?! Who knew? 3)And while we are speaking on the All-Star Game, […]

Nike Italy is bringing the heat today, with a brand new ad sure to impress worldwide. For lack of a better phrase, we’ll call this the Kobe Bryant 1970′s Italian Exploitation film. Featuring Enzo G. Castellari, noted director of Italian exploitation films and spaghetti westerns, this short film/long ad tells the tale of the Black […]

I have never heard of this type of balling before, but supposedly Kobe Bryant and LeBron James is willing to hand out loans to NBA players who need it during the lockout. Two players, doing player things. If true, I wonder how many points will they get in return? National Basketball Players Assn. Executive Director […]

Gangsta ass ninja’s don’t blink!!!

Bow Wow wanted to donate $1,000 in Kobe Bryant’s pocket it looked like. The rapper challenged the Black Mamba to a game of one-on-one, where the loser would have to fork over a stack. Who you think won?    

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