Mashonda is letting us all know that she is back on the market!! She is graces the cover of the upcoming May/June King magazine. Here are a few highlights from the piece. KING: Can you explain the “Loyalty” tattoo on your hand? MASHONDA: I got it a year after everything started going downhill. It’s a […]

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Simply delicious…this right here…will have you staring at your computer and mumbling under your breath through clenched teeth 😉

I’m no True Blood fan.  Something about vampires that don’t eat people just ain’t right.  But while I was channel surfin’ one day I saw this pretty little chocolate lady run across the screen..  Now she was sweatin’ like Patrick Ewing in the fourth, covered in blood and looked scared as hell…but I knew she […]

T.I.’s Akoo clothing brand has come under fire from the worlds largest social music television network. Akoo, the clothing brand by the Atlanta rapper, has been accused of trademark infringement from Akoo International, a music video programming company with nearly 90million consumers. The media network recently filed an official complaint against T.I., real name Clifford […]

We posted this news  about a week ago, but here is a few more details about his release. Rapper T.I. was released from prison seven months into his scheduled 366-day stay on weapons charges. He must spend three months in a halfway house, 23 days under house arrest and perform 500 hours of community service. […]

So I am sitting here trying to find the best way to display some beautiful pics from King Magazine of Rosa Acosta I ran across. These particular portraits pose a challenge because they are out of the ordinary for us here at UML. See we pride ourselves in being the all-purpose life-style site for Moguls […]

With rapper T.I. serving time behind bars, it looks a little vacant in the camp of Grand Hustle as it relates to who will be taking charge of the label and keep the music moving while the King is away. With new artists such as Yung L.A. hopping to the label and veterans such as […]

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