I have heard about chicken and waffles. But how about chicken and vodka? Well if you live in Japan, you can order just that. An upscale KFC in Japan has opened a full scale bar, right inside the restaurant. The bar, in Tokyo,  is located at the top of their 3 story spot called KFC […]

I don’t know if I should laugh or shake my head behind this foolishness. Hong Kong’s KFC has a President Obama lookalike peddling fried chicken!!! Straight foolishness. On a sidenote…. why does the chicken look like fish?

So last week Dwayne Wade let it be known that he was looking for employment since the NBA locked it doors to the players. Today KFC responded and let him know that they have a spot for him in the drive-thru. We couldn’t help but notice your recent tweet about looking for a new line […]

iPad Microsoft Windows 7 Pretzel M&Ms Motorola Droid McDonald’s Smoothies iPod Nano Starbucks VIA instant coffee Samsung 3DTV Huggies Jeans Diapers (Tie) Kleenex Hand Towels and KFC Double Down Sandwich   How many of you moguls ate that Double Down foolishness??

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