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Not sure if this is true yet, but the word on the internets is that the long awaited Jay-Z x Kanye West album, Watch The Throne will come to your speakers on July 4th!!! We are sure glad to see that this album hasn’t been Detoxed. Now lets hope that it lives up to the […]

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Looks like Jay-Z is done recording seeing that his hair is crispy. So hopefully we should be hearing the project that he and Kanye West have been working on for almost a year.

Who says that Rick Ross should get all the love?? Amber Rose gets a lil cover action of her own for the June issue of Vibe. During the interview she touches on Kanye West among other things. AMBER ON LIFE POST-KANYE: “What am I supposed to do? Crawl up in a corner and die ‘cause […]

Malice found religion…… Malice of The Clipse has undergone some powerful changes, ones that were inspired by a deep religious experience. That experience is at the forefront of his new book: Wretched, Pitiful, Poor, Blind, and Naked. In this video, Malice of The Clipse talks about also changing his name, becoming known for something else, […]

It looks like Kanye West is experiencing the Mogul Life while in Cannes, France.

Four winters ago, Justin Vernon retreated to his father’s secluded cabin in northern Wisconsin, purging his sorrow through a falsetto that no one would probably ever hear. He spent three brutally cold months alone, piecing songs together using antiquated recording equipment. “It feels good not to be there,” Vernon says now. “But I feel proud […]

She talks Whiz, Kanye, and drops a few pics for her adoring fans. Enjoy 😉

Kanye has decided to release a line of designer scarves with designs inspired by his album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. He will release five editions of 100, each depicting various designs of artist George Condo, who designed West’s controversial album cover. Each design will reference the 5 various themes from the album: Power, Phoenix, […]

Let’s hope that these cats are sneaking to finish the long over-due Detox Watch The Throne!!

Young Guru lets the Hip Hop Chronicles in on why the Kanye West x Jay-Z album is taking so long.  Guru also sheds some light on Hov’s next solo album.

Just a few shots of some of the biggest names in Hip Hop,  R&B and Pop music from back when they were just whipper-snappers…

Warning, watching this video can give you a seizure!!

J Cole – Nothing Like It

I was expecting a little more with this video, at least get a chance to see who has what part. But unfortunately we only get Rihanna and Kid Cudi. I am still trying to figure out where Elton John comes in at. And on a side bar note…. why is Kanye always looking down in […]

Half way through the 1st quarter I believe I must have zoned out. Must have been the beer and chilli that put a Mogul out. So I would like to say thank God for youtube!!! If it wasn’t for youtube I may have never seen this performance by Rihanna and friends. Sorry cats, y’all play […]

In my opinion the Grammy Awards haven’t been relevant in years. It is hard to take them serious when they seemingly don’t respect the Hip Hop Culture. The first time I got hyped about the Grammy Awards was probably the last time I got hyped; Michael Jackson Thiller era. Because I knew he had to […]

Damn Kanye let it breath!!! Kanye West tells the Twitter World that he has a new album dropping later this year, not to mention the album with Jay-Z in two months!!! This has to be a G.O.O.D. year.

  Raekwon – Shaolin vs Wu-Tang   Stalley – The Tune Up   Kanye West x Jay-Z – H.A.M.

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