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  Looks like Kanye West has a few words for some of the dudes out there who think they’re stylin. The Louis Don went on a rant about all the things in the fashion world that he hates, from hoodies and sport coats to khaki cargo shorts. The only question I have is where does […]

Kanye West has the look of “why am I even here?” as he kicks it with the Kardashians. Hey Lamar!! Shouldn’t you be on somebody’s court getting your game back in order.

Remember when Jay-Z and Kanye West tore up that Maybach for their video Otis? Well it looks like the car was finally auctioned off for 60k in 5 minutes at the Phillips de Pury event in New York on Thursday. The lucky buyer won’t be able to drive the car, being that it is non-operational. […]

  I guess Taylor Swift is cool enough with Kanye West to wear his clothing. For Harper’s Bazaar Australia Taylor was pictured sporting a Kanye West collection top. I wonder will this lead to an eventual song?

Kanye West, Lance Armstrong and a whole bunch of ballin men stepped out to network and eat.

MTV released their annual Hottest MC’s in the game list, and Mr. Maybach Music himself has topped the list. What do you think Moguls? Who is the Hottest MC? *Sidebar: MTV where is Kendrick Lamar? 1. Rick Ross 2. Drake 3. Kanye West 4. Lil’ Wayne 5. Nicki Minaj 6. Jay-Z 7. Meek Mill 8. […]

I am not really fond of concert videos, so this video is only so-so to me. But the quality is amazing, super crisp. If you have epilepsy, be cool on this one. (There is a warning at the beginning) I don’t have epilepsy but the flashing lights began to get on my nerves.

The origin of the word ‘cray’ from the “N*ggas in Paris” single is not actually the shortened form of crazy, nor is it cray. It’s actually ‘Kray’ and it’s in reference to the schizophrenic Kray twins, Ronald and Reginald Kray. The Kray twins were the crime lords of London in the 50s and 60s. The police […]

Check out a young Kanye West back in 1996!!!!

 Kanye West and everybody and they mama shows up in this video promoting the new Kobe VII.

Dope video, still don’t care for the song too much!

Like it or hate it, Watch The Throne had to be the most talked about album in hip hop this year.

Ok, you the Louie Vuitton Don! Can probably have the baddest model,chick, hoodrat, queen, girl next door, whatever you want. The choice is yours. Why would you get caught out there simpin? Yeah Amber Rose was your girl, we know that. And you just may love her, no problem there. BUT you know she with […]

Kanye West rocked a skirt during the Watch The Throne concert in Atlanta this past weekend. Maybe it was a Halloween get-up, because this sh&t is cray!!!!

Amber Rose stopped by New York’s Hot 97 to speak on a few things, including who would win between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa. There is no question who she is rolling with. Is it?

Virgil Abloh is best known for being Kanye West’s style adviser. He gives his input in everything from set designs to suits. He recently spoke to Chicago Magazine about the upcoming fall fashions.

The Watch The Throne duo covers Respect magazine. Look for the issue September 6.

  Affion Crockett got his Kanye on last night for his show, In The Flow. After 3 episodes do you think we will get a second season?

This is perhaps the hottest song on Watch The Throne if you ask me. S1 takes us in on how he created the track. What sounds he used, and how it sounds the way it does.

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