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Somebody need to go get they boy. Chicago you need to send your representer out to LA and chop it up with Ye. Jay Z how about hoping on your jet with Kanye and do y’all Mile High thing and by the time y’all land The Dropout Bear needs to be with you. Because right […]

Just in case you haven’t heard enough of Ray-J and his shinanigins he goes to the Wendy Williams show and shares his thoughts on Kimye.

  So this is what $11 million can get you? Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have a new spot y’all according to TMZ. Kim and Kanye have owned the house for a few weeks … and they’ve already gutted it and are designing a 14,000-square-foot dream home in its place. The new home will be […]

Kanye West has had a busy few months to end 2012. First he sports his “kilt” that a few people took notice to. Then he tells us that he dropped one in the oven of Kim Kardashian. So now he gives us a little freestyle.

So all this time I’m thinking…”Kanye’s not really serious about this chick…is he?”…and “He’s just playing on the jungle gym like ALL THE OTHER little kids”. Well ladies and gentlemen, cats and dogs, chickens and roosters….apparently he is. Kanye reportedly announced to the audience at his Dec. 30th show in New Jersey that Kim Kardashian is […]

  Kanye West is upping his concert attire another notch with feathers and diamonds! Mr. West took to the stage in Atlantic City with this ensemble. Interesting to say the least.

The Source Magazine pulls out a few heavyweights for it’s annual Power 30 issue.

“And Kanye yawned his muthaf&^in ass right out the door!” You know how the story goes. You get a roommate and everything is sweet. The bills are divided in half leaving more coin in your pockets. But like in every other relationship, you hit the “uh-oh” moment. Cam’ron hit his when he found Cousin Bang […]

Damn how many list does Forbes magazine drop per year. Seems like every month a new list comes out with the same faces on top. Well this list places your boy Dr. Dre on the top. Followed by Diddy, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Damn who knew Wayne was pulling in that type of […]

Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music album is coming closer to manifestation. We finally get the tracklist of what songs are included on the September 18th release. Can you believe that we have Jay-Z and R. Kelly on the same album again? Not on the same song tho…. whew!! 1. “To The World” by Kanye West, R. […]

She-Moguls how many of you would jump at this chance? Kanye West decided it was time to upgrade Kim Kardashian by giving her a brand new Fresh, paid for by him!! From the looks of it, Kim’s numbers have come in!

G.O.O.D. Music will drop Cruel Summer Sept. 9th. This cover sort of looks like Watch The Throne, only all white everything.

At this point of the game, I don’t get excited. I have Nas and Rick Ross to tie me over for a few months. So I am trying not to buy into the hype. But today Jay Electronica released a screen cap of the tracklist to his debut album Act II: Patents Of Nobility. Not sure what […]


If I said it once, I have said it a thousand times; the way to your man’s heart is with a good plate of food. Now upon first glance I would suspect that Kim Kardashian can’t cook. I mean she already looks good, has money, no kids, and a nice butt; why would she need […]

Your favorite rapper wishes he could get anyone to listen to 11 songs let alone the same song 11 times in a row!!! I guess that is what N!ggas in Paris can do.

“Talk about h)es, I muthafu*kin embarrass you” Kanye West has sure had his taste of women the past 8 years. And I don’t even think this is all the bodies he bodied over the years.

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