Justin Bieber

I flat-out love Hip hop music, in addition I have a passion for 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and early-2000 era R&B music.  I admit that at times I look at new music through squinted eyes, however I am trying to loosen up and give things a chance more recently.  One thing I have seen from my generation is that […]

Young Bieber is out here getting it!

Forbes sure love their lists don’t they? Well this one names Jennifer Lopez as the most powerful celebrity in the world. She beat out Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber. We guess her comeback has come full circle thanks to American Idol. 2012 Rank Celebrity 2012 Earnings 2011 Rank 2011 Earnings 1 Jennifer Lopez $52 million […]

Justin Bieber dropped a few bars over the Otis beat. This has to be the 100th time we have heard a rapper over this track. But since it is the Biebs I will give him a pass.


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez showed up at someone’s Malibu wedding and the crowd went crazy. On a side note, doesn’t Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez remind you of a young Chris Brown and Rihanna. I guess we can call the two Juselena.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez just may be your next power couple.

While performing down under, Justin Bieber had to dance around a series of tossed eggs from the Australian crowd. Damn they must really not like him to pay for a ticket just to throw eggs.

Style kinda FLY for a Yung’Un 😉

Willow opened up Monday night in Manchester, England for Justin Bieber. She’s clearly doin’ her thing…not sure about those britches though 😉

Justin – I once saw a picture of you naked.

In my opinion the Grammy Awards haven’t been relevant in years. It is hard to take them serious when they seemingly don’t respect the Hip Hop Culture. The first time I got hyped about the Grammy Awards was probably the last time I got hyped; Michael Jackson Thiller era. Because I knew he had to […]

This picture is hilarious!!!!

“300 G’s for 30 minutes is the pay I earn!!!” According to Smoking Gun Justin makes more than your favorite  rapper! The teen sensation commands $300,000 per show!!  At this rate Justin can trick off MC Hammer money in no time!!

Looks like Dre may not have enough time or beats left in him to give us Detox, but he has enough hustle in him to add to his Beats line! These are for the music lovers who wanna listen to music like Justin Bieber does. This Justin kid is everywhere we see! Sort of like […]

Jay-Z – Most Kings Nas – Last Real pt. 2 Justin Bieber x Kanye West x Raekwon

T.I. – Yeah Ya Know (Takers) Justin Bieber x Usher – Somebody To Love (rmx) Amerie – Who’s Gonna Love Me

I am not the biggest Saturday Night Live fan, in fact I am not a SNL fan. But every blue moon on a Monday I run across a skit that makes me chuckle to myself. This moon’s SNL chuckles come courtesy of Tina Fey. Be on the lookout for UML Waffle Mates! [vodpod id=Groupvideo.5350386&w=425&h=350&fv=]

  This kid seems to be the hottest thing since “Tickle me Elmo!” The girls love him, he seems to be getting respect from the vets, Usher bought him a car for his sweet 16, and he is a fixture on 106 & Park! Who could ask for anything more!!! Here are a few excerpts from […]

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