Jimmy Kimmel

25 years later Brooklyn has a whole new look. Jimmy Kimmel brings us back to the neighborhood in Do The White Thing, where we examine dirty sneakers, beards, and thrift shops.

  Snoop Dogg gets his education on and breaks down a day in the life of a walrus….. goo goo goo joob!!!!

It looks like this ice challenge thing is not letting up anytime soon. Idris Elba accepted the ice challenge while on Jimmy Kimmel.  We wonder how much longer will this last? Halloween? New Year’s?

A few weeks ago Kanye West and Jimmy Kimmel had a little tit for tat. Last night the two chopped it up like old friends.

One of the highlights from last night besides the awesome Game 6, was this video played on Jimmy Kimmel. Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, Miley Cyrus, Matt Damon, Olivia Munn, and Gabourey Sidibe would all  like to Channing All Over Your Tatum.

Harrison Ford stops by Jimmy Kimmel to promote the movie 42. And of course the subject Star Wars came up. Mr. Ford couldn’t address the topic but he did get a chance to come face to face with his past.

One thing is for certain….. Iron Mike Tyson is a fool. From his comedic timing to his dance moves, Mike can make you chuckle. I even find it ironic that he is discussing bad tattoos. But as you can see he isn’t the only one with bad taste in tattoos.

Nelly rides his new single and his broken heart straight to late night TV….

I know I am late with this one, but when you are on vacation you get a late pass. But this Drake guy is setting himself to get paper on the back-end I see. Little comedy skits like this doesn’t hurt at all when it comes to getting your brand out there.

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