After 10 years of being a part of the drift scene, Phil Morrison and James Robinson from Driftworks took a tour of Japan, accompanied by film maker Al Clark, and guided by Mitto Steele. The goal was to see where drifting originated. To find out why it has advanced so much, and why the drivers […]

  Looks like Sony is locking up this next generation of game systems down. Launched in Japan last November as the PS Vita TV, and arriving in the United States today, the PlayStation TV is basically the guts of a PlayStation Vita handheld game system stuffed into a tiny case. You sacrifice the integrated gamepad, […]

Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-BATMAN Only in Japan can you drive down the street and see Batman dipping through on his Bat-cycle. Go Batman go!!!!!

Those Japanese sure knows how to travel, the country has recently unveiled a Cruise Train that looks like a hotel on wheels. The luxury train can hold up to 34 passengers and will cost $50 million to develop. Japan can look for the Cruise Train in 2017.  

Can’t even imagine what this taste like.  But if you go to Japan please snatch us a bag.

How much french fry is enough french fry? Apparently 350 grams and 1,142 calories!! The ‘Mega Potato’ is featured in Japan McDonald’s and I am sure once you finish you may need to go to the ER!! They sure love fries in Japan I see.

If you are not a fan of the red, black and green, then you my friend isn’t a Mogul. In fact we may have to revoke your passport and leave you stranded in lame land. For those that know, here is a nice shirt to commemorate one of the greatest groups of all time, A […]


I have heard about chicken and waffles. But how about chicken and vodka? Well if you live in Japan, you can order just that. An upscale KFC in Japan has opened a full scale bar, right inside the restaurant. The bar, in Tokyo,  is located at the top of their 3 story spot called KFC […]

Karlie Kloss – Vogue Japan

If you have 12 minutes in your busy day, you just may want to check this out.

$10 Mike Jack didn’t spin that girl around himself!!!

Now this drop is the drop from hell!!! If you ever make it to Japan and you feel brave, hop on this one. Debuting in mid-July in Japan’s Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park, the Takabisha rollercoaster features a 130 foot drop at 121 degrees. Including seven major twists over 1000 metres of track, and a nerve-jangling […]

OffTheWall.TV: Time and Space – Mr. Cartoon Part 1 Since Allen Iverson was at the peak of his skills, the world has tattooed over-dosed! And the bad part is that so many individuals run to the latest start up shop and get some mess that ends up looking like a black dot in 5 days!! […]

Because you never know when the very real false sense of security you have will come tumbling down around you…love and support your fellow-man. We’re all on this big round ball of life together.

Karmaloop will be releasing the “Rising Sun” Tee which will aid those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and throughout the Pacific region. The shirt is available for pre-sale now for Men and Women ($20).

Ne-Yo gets much respect for going to Japan and handling his business when most people are high-tailing it out of there!

Lady Gaga has announced that she will make available “We Pray For Japan” bracelets. Each wristband will cost $5 with all sales going to Japan relief efforts. Bracelets will ship March 25.

Sunset Craftsman Co. Large Messenger Bags   If messenger bags is your thing, and if you love to carry around everything you own; this bag is for you. Sunset Craftsman makes each bag by hand with the finest materials Japan has to offer! Not sure how you can get this bag on in the States, […]


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