Not a good look!!! It is hot now and some of us like to bend rules a little. Or rather I say act like we don’t have any common sense. We throw fashion rules out the window once the temp goes past 75 degrees, all of sudden it is raid the closet and wear what […]

Sometimes a Mogul has to change things up…

This is one mean jacket!!! Looks like some fabric from a Star Wars episode!!!

Get your scoop January 2, 2011 at BBC/Ice Cream.

  Lately I have been on my patch game something serious. Sweaters, sweatshirts, and button ups, if it has a patch on it I am taking a second look. So needless to say, this bomber by Under Two Flags has my interest. You can pick this jacket up at Vault Harlem, 212-218-1723.   Peep Flow

A pair of sturdy, but stylish Dunhill boots following the “Military’ trend of the 2010 Fall/Winter season.  Note the zip/lace up closure.  Everything a Mogul needs to “stomp the Urban Jungle“: A Do-Eerything mole-skin colored two piece ensemble from Prada…the three button jacket, versatile styling, and all purpose color puts this right up I.B.‘s alley:

The Duffer of St. George Selectism

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