KRS-One speaks on police brutality and the presidential election.

  I don’t know about you Moguls, but I am waiting for this new Erykah Badu mixtape to drop. In this video she discusses the new project along with her relationship with Drake.

Chris Webber talks to Dan Patrick about the infamous time-out, the Fab 5 documentary, and Jalen Rose. And of course Jalen Rose had something to say. “One dude traveled then called timeout. One dude lied to grand jury and hasn’t apologized. One dude tried to circumvent the documentary to HBO. One dude ignored multiple requests […]

  Raekwon gets chopped with B-Real as they chill in The Smokebox. The two discuss his legacy, new album, and The Purple Tape Documentary.

While out in France, Kanye West talks to Clique to discuss his music, Watch The Throne 2, and racism.

  I know it may not feel like it just yet Moguls, but the season will change soon enough. Spring will be here in all of it’s glory. So the time will arrive for you to switch modes when it comes to fashion. You will need to put away those dark hues in favor for something […]

  Just in case you haven’t had enough of Kanye West….. here is more Kanye West. Kanye took his quotables to Zane Lowe and the BBC.

  When you only win 14 games so far in a season, there is no room to celebrate and crack smiles. Act like you expected to win, and been there before. Well for the Lakers they probably haven’t been there before, or rather I say they haven’t been there much this year. For a player […]

For a rapper who doesn’t have an album out Kanye West sure is getting a lot of press. This morning he stopped by the Breakfast club and talked about his upcoming album, Beck, Kim, and a few other things.

Lupe Fiasco brings his freestyle skills to Sway In The Morning. And unlike some rappers, you can tell he was truly freestyling.

  I swear Kevin Hart is the James Brown of comedians. These dude is everywhere. Here he is on the cover of Hollywood Reporter talking about how he is happy I suppose. And here he is on the Good Morning America with Josh Gad discussing The Wedding Ringer. And if that is not enough for […]

  For about the last 2 months Kendrick Lamar has been doing the promotional rounds stoppping at radio stations, doing talk shows, and magazines. But we still have not heard anything about an album being released. We don’t know the name, the features, or a date. Is he planning on dropping a surprise album on […]

Phonte speaks with STASHED and about half way through the interview PRhyme stops through and chops it up. So it is almost like we get a double feature for the price of one.

  Seems like all we may get from Andre 3000 are interviews, movie roles, and clothing lines. Damn shame but I guess it is what it is.

Chris Rock is in full promotion mode leading up to the release of his new movie, Top 5. He recently stopped by Hot 97 to discuss rappers, Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby, hip hop radio and so much more.

I am often caught saying this, Kanye West’s My Dark Twisted Fantasy is one of the best hip hop albums since Blueprint. Some of my friends in my circle give me the side eye whenever I say that, but fuck it!!! I am standing on that. Kanye lost his fucking mind and spazzed out when […]

  Andre 3000 takes the time to share with us his thought process behind his iconic jumpsuits that he wore this summer touring with Big Boi.

Beyonce gets her mask on for the cover of Germany’s Interview magazine. The Mogul is featured on the December/January issue.

Saturday night while I chilled at an art show at Alpha Bang, the r&b community was up in arms at the debacle of a movie presented by Lifetime. The movie as I am sure you know is the biopic on Aaliyah. I knew the movie was coming out but I didn’t care to see the […]

If Big Daddy Kane would have battled anyone in the 80’s, I would have bet a 3 piece, honey bun and a grape soda that he would have came out victorious. Even if the opponent was Rakim Allah. In this interview with VladTV he discusses how he almost battled Kool Moe Dee. He also touched […]

Kendrick Lamar stopped by Hot 97 to prep the masses for his follow up cd. During the interview he touched on topics such as the new album, the response to “i”, and Lady Gaga.

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