Well it looks like all of those pictures we posted on Instagram can now be sold by the company to a third-party without our consent. Yep, that means that picture of all the bottles of Ciroc you and your friends downed one night can photoshopped with Diddy saying “take that… take that…” So if […]

  When was the last time you bought a cd? In fact when was the last time you bought a cd in a place other than Target, Best Buy or Walmart? Yeah it’s been a minute hasn’t it? Times are surly changing. Imagine this, some kids are running around that don’t know what an actual […]

Pharrell Williams introduces i am OTHER and talks about his vision behind the brand.

Who do you roll with, Wal-Mart or Amazon? Even though I stop in Wal-Mart from time to time, I would consider myself an Amazon shopper. I mean how easy is it to push a few “add to cart” buttons and go to your front door in a few days?? Online MBA

Looks like your boy Hov is still busy making moves. Just when you thought he was resting on his laurels, Jay-Z goes and starts a web-site; Life+Times. Now we have to go head to head with the Big Homie for clicks, but that’s ok, we’re reloaded. Check out the new site here and let us […]

Who would have ever thought that email and the internet would make it this big?? We’re sure Bryant Gumbel had no idea.

I think I have downloaded my last mp3!! Or rather I say I have downloaded my last mp3 from an upcoming album that isn’t a single. Due to my addiction of downloading singles as they leaked I have ruined many albums! I used to have a ritual where I would get a new album, take […]

Word your Purple Majesty???? “The internet’s completely over. I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won’t pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can’t get it. The internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became […]

  Yeah it looks like we are in the wrong business Moguls!! If this site was porn based we may have been able to retire about 3 weeks after we jumped UML off! Me and I.B. Edubl would be on a beach right now with about 60 of our close lady friends,  siting back smiling, drinking, […]

Well, well, well. The giant is thinking of infiltrating our daily life just a little more. WSJ reports that Google plans on making software for TV sets that will allow viewers to watch more internet content from the comforts of their own TV sets. The software may be announced to the 3,000 developers expected to attend […]

The self-help geniuses with the answers that will change your life By Simon Dumenco, January 2010 Issue It’s happening— can’t help it. Gary Vaynerchuk is getting me all worked up. In his spartan office in lower Manhattan, I’m getting the Crush It! religion. “Can I tell you why it’s huge?” he asks. “Because it’s real. […]

We told you once before that Google will make spaghetti one day. Here is more proof! How many of you out there work with Chrome? I am more of a Firefox man myself.

Imagine your coffee table with no magazines on it. Imagine going to the doctor’s office or barber/beauty shop and not seeing a magazine. Imagine not being able to read the morning paper with your daily waffles and coffee. Can you picture it? Well if the current trend continues we will be well on our way […]

Well apparently European countries have some new anti-piracy laws that have us a little shook. Last week France adopted laws that will cut off repeat offenders of downloading illegal content offline! The violators will get warnings from their internet provider that they’re downloading illegal media, wether film or music. If the violators choose to ignore […]

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